Opinion: the Play Store is the biggest disadvantage of Android


Opinie: de Play Store is het grootste na van Android

With all the new improvements around our favorite operating system continues, one thing is clear: the Play Store is the largest after of Android.

The Play Store is the biggest post of Android

Android gets as your operating system often criticized. More than once, that is quite true, especially when it comes to safety. Google is however busy to Android as a platform to improve and last Google I/O was a good example of this. However, there is one corner where much goes wrong, and that is the Play Store. Googles app-store is what concerns us the largest after of Android.

Recent improvements

Google put the right steps to make Android a more secure platform. The first beta version of Android P is now available on more devices than ever before, indicating that manufacturers are quicker with the embrace of updates. The most important thing is also that Google would require manufacturers to regular security updates.

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Also will get Android P a stack of new improvements. So is the settings app easier to find information, it offers users more privacy because apps do not more in the background, the microphone may use, and Google limits the permissions of apps. In addition, you can also receive new steering and other functions, but you can read more about it in our Android P-overview with the latest features shown at Google I/O.

And the Play Store?

You may notice that the Play Store is little attention received during I/O 2018. Google’s digital store will not get any major update and there are no new resources being rolled out to the shop to make it safer.

That is not so crazy. The Play Store rarely has a big role during Google I/O, because the app store throughout the year updates and enhancements. So the shop has in the past years, several design updates and there are regularly new resources rolled out malicious apps. But it is still not enough, and that is a problem.

Android is now a more and more secure platform with better updates for everyone, but the greatest danger comes from the store, where kwaadwilligen a constant stream of new tricks, invent people to their apps to download. Google is working on it. Malicious apps are removed, Googles algorithms are better in malicious apps watching and Play Protect keeps your device safe. But app-makers are smarter and faster than Google.

Crypto and apps for kids

One of the latest hazards is cryptocurrency apps. Among other apps that pretend to be reliable crypto-apps and that way your money trying to steal. Other apps use other ways to use your personal information to scam or use adware to advertising on your device to show.

play store grootste na android

Researchers concluded last month that there are also thousands of apps in the Play Store the behavior of children tracking and that would not do. Among these apps also some that location data, e-mail addresses and phone numbers to collect and share.

It can be in the Play Store very difficult for malicious apps to be trifled with. We give you tips to dangerous fake apps in the Play Store to recognize. However, it is more difficult with the example from the image above, because in the Play Store is not official MetaMask-app. Seekers that don’t know are coming soon for this app, log in and give them access to their cryptocurrency. In the reviews of the app was to read that people are doing this already thousands of dollars lost.

play store grootste na android

Too many apps, too little control

With the amount of apps that every day in the Play Store to be published, it is also not surprising that it often goes wrong. According to figures from App Brain, there are currently almost four million apps in the store. Daily, there are over two thousand apps. That is not to keep.

That makes the Play Store at this moment the largest after of Android. The shop is unsafe and that makes Android as a platform so unsafe. Google can still improvements to roll out, but that rock can be together forever on the mountain to be pushed with no real progress.

There is a radical new vision on the Play Store. One which perhaps takes a bit longer until the new apps are available, but where the users can safely browse without in a fall down stairs.

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