Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus) get convenient ARCore-update


Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus) krijgt handige ARCore-update

ARCore, the augmented reality platform from Google, now also works on the Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus). Earlier versions of the platform were not working on the flagship of Samsung.

ARCore on the Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus)

Googles ARCore is now officially supported by the Samsung Galaxy S9, so notify users on Reddit. When that device came out, worked apps that with ARCore were built yet. Also, was the device still is not on the list of officially supported devices. This has now changed: the device is now on the list of supported devices, between the Huawei P20 (Pro) and Googles own Pixel 2 (XL).

Samsung Galaxy S10 design

During Google I/O, the developer conference itself last week took place, brought Google version 1.2 of ARCore. With the improvements in this version can developers apps build that multiple people at the same time, one experience to share. It is also now possible to flat images to enrich with additional content. The update brought so also support for Samsung’s latest flagship.

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Do you want to ARCore to try out on your Galaxy S9? You only need the ARCore app from the Play Store to download. Then you can all apps that use the ARCore on your device to run, such as Googles own drawing app, Just A Line. That doesn’t work right away, then you must your phone just restart.

Conclusion Samsung Galaxy S9 review

During our test period with the samsung Galaxy S9 Wouter was good to speak about the device. Despite the fact that the unit is properly on its predecessor, it is still one of the best Android smartphones of the moment. Below you will find the conclusion of our review.

Samsung knows the Galaxy S9 again a device that stands easily with the best smartphones of today can measure. The phone has an excellent camera, especially in dark conditions above the competition. The design and screen are hardly changed, but remain of high quality and make of the Galaxy S9 is a nice smartphone.

It is, however, that the camera is the only real innovation is, and the differences with the Galaxy S8 continue to be minimal. The hardware is slightly more powerful, the finger print scanner has a finer place and the case feels more solid. Or that the upgrade is worth it yet, especially you if you are an avid photographer, it’s important that his smartphone in the dark for good photos.

If you are not but looking for a new device, the S8 is an attractive choice, especially because this phone much cheaper. For users of an older device is switched to the S9 is clearly more interesting. It remains, however, that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best smartphones that you can currently buy.

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