‘Android P forces developers to create better apps


‘Android P dwingt ontwikkelaars tot maken van betere apps’

Android P comes closer and closer and adds in addition to major updates are also small, subtle improvement. So Google developers under more forcing better apps, even the operating system is something smarter.

Android P apps crash automatically crash

Android P-apps crashen-2

Firstly, Android is not well functioning apps now automatically shut down. When an app currently does not work properly or stutter, you will get the following screen (see right). It asked if you want to wait for the app to stop responding, or the application would prefer to immediately shut down.

In Android P choose your phone automatically for the second option. Interestingly enough, the shows Google that the user experience does not improve. One performs the ‘measure’, however in to allow developers to force the creation of better apps.

The idea is that when users notice that a certain application often causes problems, they have this app of their smartphone to remove. Developers will therefore go looking for bugs that the shutdown cause and resolve them, what the quality.

“Normally you will set now, always be your sound”

In addition, the operating system is something smarter. Android P will automatically adjust settings based on your behavior and routines. It uses the time and your location. As soon as your car knows, the bluetooth connection, for example, turned on, so as to connection with your car kit.

Android P-apps crashen-3

There is also a possibility in the system that the phone automatically on silent, because you are at that certain point in time always in a meeting. Google calls the function ‘Settings Suggestions’. Since the addition in a ontwikkelaarsversie of Android P is found, it cannot be said with certainty whether it is also in the final operating system ranking.

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