Dark aktiemodel of Rolls Royce


July 7, 2006

Of course, it is a bit sacrilege to call it, but in fact it is just a aktiemodel. The Rolls Royce Phantom Black is in a series of 25 units were built. The whole model is in the sign of black.

In dark colors remains the four-door Rolls is a very strict, almost sinister-looking car.
The coachwork of the Phantom Black is equipped with a special layer with the melodious name of ‘Black Diamond’. Silver coachlines along the sides provide a touch of colour, but really happy not of.

For the change are the end pieces of the exhaust with this sporty referred to implementation can be seen and is the model on the 21 inch rims. The 6.8-litre V12 delivers appropriate performance for the occasion, equipped with black coated correct inlet and ct of the collector.

The interior is lined with … black leather of course, black painted houtdecoratie, a custom dashboard and, we dare almost say, a sporty steering wheel. Do you feel attracted to this dark model, then you are too late. The entire productiereeks is already sold.