Tip: how to use the new offline mode of Gmail


Tip: zo gebruik je de nieuwe offline-modus van Gmail

There is a new feature in Gmail whereby you will be in the browser itself to messages offline can be saved, and no longer a plugin need to use. We explain how to activate this function.

New Gmail offline mode: how to use the

Google spent during the I/O keynote, the necessary attention to Gmail. In addition to major additions such as the ” Smart Compose’, we also get more subtle improvements such as a new offline mode.

It allows you to without an active internet connection to read messages, your inbox, search and start composing messages. This will be sent as soon as you connect. The function works for the time being only in the Gmail web version on your computer.

So imagine the new offline mode:

  • Turn if over to the new version of Gmail, if you have not already done so. You do this by clicking the tandwielicoon right click and click ‘Try the new Gmail ” to select;
  • Tap in the new version of Gmail again on the tandwielicoon and select ‘Settings’;
  • Select the Offline tab on the right side and put a checkmark in ” Offline mail-enable’;
  • Then, you can have your preferences, as to how far back you e-mail messages offline, to save and to set security. Press ‘save Changes’ to confirm the settings.

Gmail offline-modus

Works only in Chrome, or not?

Of course, you do need to have internet to send e-mails to receive and send. Google says on its forum that the feature only works in the own Chrome browser. During testing, however, showed that also Firefox and Opera are supported.

Avid Gmail users know that the program for a year and a day is a Chrome plugin for offline caching of files. This browser extension will disappear by the end of 2018, so you will be wise to do now already above tip to take to heart.

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