Winter deal on Opel


July 7, 2006

In the summer months, the time allotment for many brands. One brand offers affordable air-conditioning on, the other brand organises a bargain and gives ice cream away. Opel is walking down a completely different path and do a free set of winter tires as a gift.

Between 2 July and 31 August, upcoming is the Summer Sale at Opel. In that period, every customer that a new Opel, buy a set of free winter tires. Last winter was the veiligheidsrubber very popular and thus even large deficits. Reason for Opel to the tires on a pretty unlikely time to give away, because who was now looking outside, thinking, of course, not directly on the snow, ice and a koek and zopie.

Customers who during the promotional period a new Opel buy, be treated to a set of Semperit winter tires including steel rims. Also the first time that they are to be mounted, preferably as the mercury structurally below 8 degrees Celsius, dive, including.

Whom during the Summer Sale a free inruiltaxatie do, you will receive two cute parasols in the car. With a picture from the animated film CARS, which Opel partnership.