Allergy-Free Volvo S80


July 10, 2006

Where most car brands are primarily concerned with how beautiful a model looks or how hard he can go up, spends a Volvo too much attention to the inside of the car. So the owner after all, most of the time. So is the new Volvo S80 equipped with Clean Zone Interior Package.

The package allows for as clean possible air in the car. It is even recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergievereniging. “The standards of the Asthma and Allergievereniging relate to concentrations of formaldehyde, particles, various substances that irritation can induce harmful hydrocarbon and unpleasant smells”, says Anders Löfvendahl, project manager at Volvo Cars and specialized in the field of car interiors.

The Clear Zone Interior Package includes an automatic ventilation system. As soon as the car with the remote control is unlocked, all of the nasty odors and gases in the parked car ended up contested. “Volvo’s air quality button toggles between (interior air quality system) consists of a filter and a sensor,” explains Löfvendahl. “The filter is impregnated with activated carbon and filters out small particles such as pollen from the incoming air. The active carbon absorbs gases and unpleasant odors. The sensor determines the presence of substances such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon in the air around the car and closes the air intakes if the concentration is too high. In this way, the system provides clean air in the car and reduce the chance of problems for asthmatics, people with allergies and other hypersensitive occupants.”

The Clear Zone Interior Package will initially only be available as an option for the new Volvo S80. CZIP will gradually also for other models available. Volvo states to all of its models have high requirements on the indoor climate conditions. So do all forms of interior trim to the ÖkoTex Standard 100: an international mark of quality that a number of allergens prohibits.