Caravanonderhoud leaves much to be desired


July 10, 2006

In a voluntary control along various highways are a lot of caravans through the basket cases. Tyres, brakes and lighting proved to not always be in order. The owners were not fined, but received a lesson.

In total, more than 350 cars with caravan examined in a number of service and information points at the border crossings on the A16 motorway, the A12 and the A67. More than half of the examined combinations showed one or more worn tires drive around. This percentage may give a wrong impression, because people voluntarily had reported for the control that was previously done when it is suspected that there is something wrong, than when they just got home everything is still all thoroughly inspected.

In addition to the ties formed with the electronics and the weight of the largest defects. Many fuse had difficulty with the technological revolution brought entertainment, such as DVD players and navigation systems. The caravans are overweight underwent a spoeddieet. By water to be discharged and left to distribute among car and trailer was the target weight is reached quickly.