Google News now to download: you need to know about the app


Google Nieuws nu te downloaden: dit moet je weten over de app

The Google I/O 2018 announced, Google News is now available. You need to know about this app, in which artificial intelligence is used to you the latest news in store.

Google News available in Play Store

The new Google News app is now available for download in the Play Store. The app was used during I/O of 2018 announced, but still had a few days work is required. The idea of the app is that you can with a glance the latest news, collected via artificial intelligence. We put on a list what you will about the app need to know.

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1. It Is a completely new app?

Yes and no. Google News is created as a completely new app, but it is in the Play Store to be offered as ” update for Google Play Newsstand. In this kiosk was the focus on the reading of news sites and articles from magazines. In practice it was the app, however, is not widely used. This is why Google News is not only a redesign and new name, but a completely new way to collect the news and present it.

2. How Google will determine what news I want to see?

After the opening of News, look to Google first for the information that the company already has about you. Then you will be presented with the news that Google thinks you will find interesting.

For some news events, Google tries to show the ‘Whole story’, through various online sources together to collect. That you can recognize by the special icon of a blue square with a red/yellow line next to it.

3. How does the app work?

After opening the app you will be presented with four different tabs. The first tab ‘For you’ presents you with an overview of the weather, the five most popular articles of the moment and news that the app thinks you will find interesting.

The tab ‘Topnieuws’ the biggest news of the day in an overview. At the top you can choose between different topics such as ‘the Netherlands’, ‘Science and technology’ and ‘Sport’.

google nieuws

In the ‘Favorites’ tab, you will indicate which topics and sources you find interesting. Also, here are your saved articles. In the last ‘Kiosk’-tab, you can browse specific publications, or by category.

4. Where do I download the app?

The app can be found through the link below in the Play Store. You will see a updateknop instead of a download button? Then you had Play Kiosk already on your device and you only have to download the update.

→ Download Google News and in Google Play (free)