OnePlus 6 preview: new top-class device turn small steps forward


OnePlus 6 preview: nieuw vlaggenschip zet kleine stapjes vooruit

Now the OnePlus 6 is officially announced, we can finally see our experiences with the aircraft parts. In this preview you can read our first impression of this new device, now we ‘m a number of days.

Check the OnePlus 6 preview

Now we are used to the fact that OnePlus smoothly behind each other new devices released. The OnePlus 5T was published in november 2017 and threw high eyes at the critics and users, but was a few months later all no longer sold. OnePlus always the latest of the latest to want to offer, and therefore not a whole year to wait for the release of a new device. Therefore, it is not even one year later, now time for the OnePlus 6.

Where the 5T is clearly distinguished with the voorkantvullende screen, want OnePlus the 6 on multiple fronts to improve. So the manufacturer has the design addressed, and the screen is further improved, but also the necessary changes to the camera and internal hardware. Precisely what are, and what we have so far of the device to find, you can read in this OnePlus 6 preview.

Glass enclosure looks more luxurious

With the 6 turn OnePlus finally step into a glass enclosure, which allows the smartphone to a lot of other manufacturers follows. Also high-end smartphones for example Samsung, Apple, LG and Huawei today use this shiny achterkantje. The opinions about this are often mixed: the one is a glass enclosure look nicer, but the other is particularly concerned about the vulnerability of glass.

oneplus 6 preview

Although we find that the OnePlus 6 by the glass enclosure tighter and more luxurious look than its predecessor, we question ourselves on how good that glass remains after a time of intensive use. The smartphone is a bit more delicate for scratches, and a real vingerafdrukmagneet. Pick up the phone for a few seconds, and he is covered with the grease. A case is therefore not an unnecessary luxury.

The layout of buttons and connectors, is hardly changed; only the fine alertslider on the right side, instead of left. Further, at the bottom of the usb-c port, and (yes) the headphone jack, the left the volume buttons and to the right of the on/off button. The finger print scanner still find you on the back, though the shape changed, and he falls a little more road in the housing.

oneplus 6 preview

That makes ‘m on the attacks slightly more difficult to find, but that is not a huge problem. However, it is unfortunate that the ngerprint scanner is slightly lower, at a position which is simply a less natural feel. The operation of the scanner we have, incidentally, no comments at all: that works perfectly.

Also OnePlus embraces the notch

When OnePlus founder Carl Pei at the end of march let us know that the OnePlus 6 a notch would get, the internet was briefly on fire. The designtrend, that by the Essential Phone and iPhone X was used, by more and more manufacturers are followed. Also OnePlus is tack went, and the notch a logical designkeuze at a voorkantvullend screen. By the notch is the notification bar a little higher, and leaves more screen space for other things.

oneplus 6 preview

The difference is not great, but OnePlus has with the 6, indeed, more screen in a housing of the same size know to stop. The screen has grown to 6,28 inch and takes 83,8 percent of the front attachment. The resolution (400 ppi) is the resolution of 2280 by 1080 pixels, however, remained the same. No QHD screen, so, all is not so bad: full-hd is usually more than enough and moreover more beneficial for the battery life.

In the sixth gear

OnePlus calls the 6 the fastest smartphone so far released, and there are the specifications. The OnePlus 6 is powered by the Snapdragon 845 chip, but preferably 6 or 8GB of RAM. After a short testing period, we can otherwise say that the OnePlus 6 huge smooth to the touch. The phone flies through the interface, loads apps fast and multitasking is no problem.

oneplus 6 preview

The OnePlus 6 is without a doubt one of the fastest Android smartphones of the moment, and sometimes it seems like the unit at all time for apps to load. That is because of the animations that OnePlus used, making it just a little faster look than you are used to.

Improved camera is more extensive

In the reviews of previous OnePlus devices, we had the same each time kritiekpunt: the manufacturer has yet to take all necessary steps to cameragebied to really to be able to the big boys. Therefore, the manufacturer has some significant improvements. First of all, there is optical image stabilisation added, with which blurring is suppressed. That is fine if you have hand tremors, a quick shot will make or zoom.

oneplus 6 preview

The regular camera sensor is also slightly larger, making the performance at low light conditions would be improved. The second camera is again used for the making of portrait photographs and can better zoom in less on the quality.

More importantly perhaps, is that the OnePlus 6 more video options. So there is superslowmotiom, what we know of the Samsung S9 and Sony Xperia devices, which allows images with up to 480 frames per second to be captured. Also new is that 4K video with 60 fps is filmed, for smoother images.

The OnePlus 6 has more video options

In the OnePlus 6 review, you will be soon on Android Planet reads, we go into more detail on the camera. Therein, we discuss also the battery, which is still not long enough to have been able to test. The battery capacity is 3300 mAh not grown, it is the fine Dash Charge-battery present. This pump is the battery in a half hour for about 60 percent full.

Android 8.1 (and Android P) with gestures

What software is concerned, there is usually little on OnePlus devices. OxygenOS, such as the manufacturer’s skin calls, similar to stock Android, it looks nice and clear and is light. The skin, however, is popular by the amount of options to the software to your needs. The settings app is packed with small options for the device exactly to the way you like it. By default, running the phone by the way Android 8.1 (Oreo).

A handy feature is ‘navigatiegebaren’, which allows you to the standard navigation buttons of Android, replaced by gestures. A swipe from below the screen to the top takes you back to the homescreen, up, while holding open the multitaskscherm, and the back button is replaced by a swipe to the right side of the screen. This is reminiscent of Android P, that a similar operation introduces. On the OnePlus 6 works in my opinion a little bit better, because there are simply less actions are to be taken into account.

On Android P spoken: the OnePlus 6 is one of the smartphones running the beta of P directly to install, together with, for example, the Google Pixel devices, Sony Xperia XZ2 and Nokia 7 Plus. Hopefully this also means that OnePlus the final Android P update soon, faster roll-out.

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Conclusion OnePlus 6 preview

Our first impression of the OnePlus 6 is grotens positive. Although the unit – on the new design after – not a very exciting improvements are introduced, it seems the OnePlus 6, however, a very solid flagship. The hardware is fast, the screen is slightly larger and the software is trusted. More importantly, the smartphone with 519 euros is a lot cheaper than many competitors, and therefore for many people a priori, very interesting.

Keep Android Planet next week, in the holes for the extensive review, in which we also the camera and battery to the tooth feel.

OnePlus 6 release and price

Starting this Monday (may 21) is the OnePlus 6 for sale in the Netherlands. That can at the website of OnePlus itself, but also through Belsimpel. In the overview below you see the different versions with the corresponding prices.

  • OnePlus 6 (Mirror Black), 6GB RAM/64GB storage: 519 euro
  • OnePlus 6 (Mirror Black), 8GB RAM/128GB storage: 569 euro
  • OnePlus 6 (Midnight Black), 8GB RAM/128GB storage: 569 euro
  • OnePlus 6 (Midnight Black), 8GB RAM/256GB storage: 619 euro
  • OnePlus 6 (Silk White), 8GB RAM/128GB storage: 569 euro