This is the first smartphone with 1TB(!) to storage


Dit is de eerste smartphone met 1TB(!) aan opslag

The Chinese company Smartisan has a smartphone, announced that a new record draws some storage space. The most expensive variant of the device has a whopping one terabyte of storage.

Smartisan R1: 1 terabyte of storage

The Smartisan R1 is a high-end smartphone, with a housing made of metal and extra long screen of 6.2 inches. Under the hood runs a Snapdragon 845 chip, which is also in the OnePlus 6. By default, a high-end Android device with 64 or 128GB of storage, but the most expensive variant of the R1 is equipped with a whopping 1TB. Despite the fact that the smartphone only in China is released, he supports the 4G networks in use in Europe.

Smartisan R1 1TB opslagruimte

With a terabyte of storage space you have hardly any additional storage is needed via the cloud or a micro-sd memory card. In that thousand gigabyte will apply hundreds of thousands of songs, thousands of movies, and you can go to your heart’s content, filming in 4K. After that the creation of back-ups of as much as content a lot of effort.

The R1 is Smartisan the first company to offer a device with this storage space offers. Not so long ago, came the first smartphone with 512GB of storage space. During the presentation of the Huawei P20 announced Huawei namely the Extent RS Porsche Design, which in a 512GB variant available in China. This is a device that costs almost 2000 euro.

Smartisan R1 in the Netherlands

The Smartisan R1 is not officially in the Netherlands. Do you want the unit here, then you can through the website of Smartisan order. At the time of writing he is, however, not yet on the English website. Also, Chinese department stores as Joybuy tend to provide apparatus of Smartisan. Please note: the R1 with 1TB of storage get a suggested retail price of about 1300 dollars, which it is not a cheap device.

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