Quick start for Excelsior


July 10, 2006

The Rotterdam football club Excelsior returns this year back at the highest level. Not only is the association promoted to the Premier league, is also the fleet thoroughly refreshed. Now drive the players and technical staff around in Toyota’s Prius.

The new Toyota’s Prius come in the place of the types of Yaris and Corolla that allows the selection of the club’s former terminus. Thanks to the winning of the championship in the First Division, Excelsior promoted to the Eredivisie, and is also the budget increased. Though the hybrid Prius, thanks to its low fuel cost is not even much more expensive than its predecessors.

Simon Kelder, managing director of Excelsior, said: “This brings us in the Highest good for the day. They are beautiful and fuel-efficient cars. We are here as a club are very happy with it.” On 3 July, the nineteen new cars delivered at stadion Woudestein. “They were nice in a row for the stadium, parked, in four colors. Of course, were the colors of our club, black and red, not. Because we are in nice, new cars to drive, our club colours remain true.”