So can Google Play be an alternative to Spotify, Netflix, Kindle and Audible


Zo kan Google Play een alternatief zijn voor Spotify, Netflix, Kindle en Audible

The Play Store, most will mainly use it as a place to download apps. Still, Google’s digital store much more and allows you to Google Play as a complete alternative to all other apps, such as Spotify, Netflix, Kindle, and Audible.

Google Play as an alternative to numerous apps

On your smartphone, you’ll likely use all kinds of different apps to entertainment to you. The most popular are Spotify for music, Netflix for video, Kindle books and Audible for audio books. Of course, there are also interesting alternatives, such as Pandora, Kobo Books, and Storytel. Each app requests, however, for other accounts and sites to get your payment information.

That is not a big problem, but it can also be different. Most of the things you will find in Google in the Play Store. This store is much more than just Android apps.

Categories of the Play Store

The Play Store is opged in six additional categories: games, movies, books, music and newsstand. Behind each category lies its own shop. So buy and rent you Movies, new and old films. In ‘Books’ if you buy today, also audio books and Music, you will find of course numerous albums to release to buy or take a subscription.

google play als alternatief

To use the services to create, you have the different Google Play apps in the Play Store. The chance is even great that these apps are already standard on your Android device. We must, however, say that these apps have a lot of features of the competition miss, but it is an interesting option to keep all your entertainment under one roof. There, you can use these applications for.

Google Play Movies

With Google Play Movies, view your films by them to rent or buy. Google has no offering of tv series, so in that sense, the app is no complete alternative to Netflix. The movies you watch on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or stream via Chromecast to your tv.

The movies are onderverd in different categories, so that you can easily something new. Think of the latest movies to buy or rent movies Google you recommends seen your previous purchases, and movies with discount to look at. In your library you will find all your purchases. Also, you have a watch list of movies later to watch.

→ Download Google Play Movies Google Play (free)

Google Play Books

Google Play Books gives you a bookstore in your pocket, with a number of Dutch – and English-language books. Of each book, you can first download a trial version to try it to see if it is what you is. Since recently, you can find audiobooks to listen to. There are not that many Dutch books in between, but that will undoubtedly in the future to improve.

→ Download Google Play Books in Google Play (free)

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the place to get all of your music to listen to. You can choose individual songs and albums in the Play Store to buy it, but if you’re here for your music listening, it is more logical to have a subscription.

Then you choose or for an individual subscription for $ 9.99 per month, or for a gezinsabonnement for 14.99 per month. In addition to Googles own music gives this app the ability to create your own music on your smartphone through your computer.

→ Download App in Google Play (free)

Make use of the family library

A large for the use of these apps in place of all the alternatives, is that you from Google Play a family library. In this way, you all apps, games, books, and movies with up to five family members. So you do things once to purchase, after which the whole family can enjoy. Here you can also Play Music gezinsabonnement to add.

google play als alternatief

To a family library, you go to the Play Store app, tap the menu and then ‘Account > Family > Sign up for the family library’. Then go through the instructions on the screen. Purchases that are eligible for this library are then automatically added.

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