Test: Volkswagen T-Roc [autotest + photos]


Review Volkswagen T-Roc Style 1.0 TSI 115 hp

17 may 2018

Text and photos: Elco van der meer


  • Compact cross-over

  • Between two segments

  • From 26.550 euro

In the larger SUV segment is VW are already well represented, the more compact models had a relatively long wait. Now, is the earlier knowledge filtered down, where the more compact T-Roc makes its appearance. A trendy type designation, by the way, that to me evoke images of an impressive dinosaur. Given its sizes a baby, but also dinobaby’s to be great.

Touareg, Tiguan, T-Roc and later T-Cross: ’t is clear what letter Volkswagen the SUV-like models are indicating. What positioning is concerned, the T-Roc is a special car, which Volkswagen between the Polo and Golf. However, he is bigger (and more expensive) than many other SUV’s from the B-segment such as the Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008 and Seat Arona. In turn, he is more compact (and cheaper) than the Skoda Karoq, Seat Ateca or Opel Grandland X. Between tablecloth and napkin, so.


The T-Roc is clearly a Volkswagen where the designers considerably more freedom enjoyed. Whether by the wide grille with integrated headlamps, the striking daytime running lights or the wide chroomstrip above the doors? Or would it be the sloping back that makes him? I can put the finger on it, but it all looks tight and fresh. A car that you buy because of the design you like.

The interior is something more quintessential Volkswagen, thanks to the usual components. The uniqueness comes from the large strip at over the entire width of the dashboard. What is striking is that all of the top layer of the dashboard to the door panels, it is built with hard plastic that just a little to strong and shiny. In the area of the – much cheaper – Polo a lot better. Let there be no misunderstanding, it’s all tight together, and there are rattles or creaks nothing, but the materials used to do the design no justice.


The entry in the T-Roc is modestly higher than a normal hatchback, and once you sit you would in any Volkswagen. Fine, well-supportive seats with a wide adjustment range are in the front of your part. Also the steering wheel let itself adjust: here you’re good.

In the back is no different, they will do the most good sit. It surprises not that the seating is somewhere between that in a Polo and a Golf. Adequate, therefore, not large. The trunk is that I did, because with 445 litres ‘ie 65 litres larger than in the Gulf. To that space to fully exploit the koffervloer in the lowest position, resulting in a high tildrempel arises.

You have less space, then you can tildrempel decrease. With the floor in that position creates a flat load floor (1.290 litres) if you take the back seat now Optional (Stoelpakket, 197 euro) can also the passenger seat to be fully folded forward. Useful, for example, if you have a shuffleboard – true – need to transport.


Does it surprise you that the T-Roc is exactly the way to operate as a new Polo or Golf? Probably not, it is a truth as a cow. Via the central touch screen to control almost everything, and with the brightness of the tellerverlichting. That is sometimes have to search a bit, but when you get the cake, once cut, is the cut cake.


The T-Roc may be a cross-over, in the driving you won’t notice that. The additional height does not work to his disadvantage, and by the sophisticated onderstelafstemming he drives like a normal hatchback. However, the suspension travel is slightly longer than average, which is just that little bit more comfort with the down of speed bumps. Short irregularities are less favorite, even with the not oversized 17-inch wheels and dribbles the T-Roc in there occasionally.

The maximum comfort of the T-Roc is reflected on longer rides. On cars and highways is the cross-over pleasantly quiet and there is a lot of peace and quiet in the carriage. The existing driver assistance systems, including active spoorassistent and dodehoekdetectie, do their work properly and make for a relaxing ride you will be on your lane. If you are not of this involvement, then you can the the spoorassistent off or only leave to intervene if the miss is likely to go.

This T-Roc has a three-cylinder, but in practice little of.

The testauto is equipped with a 115 hp 1.0 TSI engine. A three-cylinder, but in practice little of. The motor runs vibration-free and also lower in rpm, you will notice that there is a cylinder less at work. To continue in the tour and you can hear him in the background, but never in a disturbing degree. At constant speed the engine is silent, and also of the 3,000 rpm at 130 km/h in sixth gear, you hear almost nothing.

Just like virtually every Volkswagen ride the T-Roc is especially very easy. Because the car itself what gas bijgeeft if you have the link let rise saves, he is not fast, the gearbox shifts smoothly and brakes and steering is exactly as you of a VW expected. Light and easy, with just enough feeling and security of a smoother driving style to facilitate. With a slightly above average fluent driving style, I drive without any difficulty, 1 at 16, a lot of users will, in practice, values around 1 at 17.


The T-Roc is, as I mentioned earlier, an outcast. He settles comfortably between two segments of the market and that is also true for the price. He is there from 26.550 euro. The tested motor is also the instapmotor, the implementation of the second-level “Style,” with a number of option packages. The car you see cost this 35.126 euro.

If you have an automatic transmission want to you have possible to collect more coupons for the 3,500 euro more expensive 1.5 TSI with 150 hp. The top model even has 190 hp on board, but we’re talking about a starting price of 38.190 euro. Remarkably enough, is dieselen with the T-Roc is currently not possible. That the leaseprijzen the same image show as the price will surprise no one – all schurkt the T-Roc here more against the B-segment than the C-segment.


The Volkswagen T-Roc is, both in size and in price, between a number of segments. A smart choice, because that limits the number of competitors significantly. You look at the interior, Volkswagen’s compact crossover to compete with the lower side of the segment. You look at the space and driving comfort, the T-Roc itself from its best side.

That the interior is not quite on the level of play will be most interested him likely to forgive. The are the smart market positioning, the successful looks, and the gezeglijke, adult nature that my opinion about the T-Roc conveniently do stop. Volkswagen don’t worry – this dinobaby is very big.