What inspired Zinedine Zidane!


July 11, 2006

The Italian football team was yesterday honoured after the win of the world title. The call of the day is, however, still the headbutt of Zinedine Zidane. We have strong suspicions that the winner of the Golden Ball, his self-control not to have lost, but that there are commercial interests also played a role.

That football, and especially the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in the character of commerce is already known. Ronaldo would be starting only due to the fact that he is the poster from Nike, the main sponsor of the Brazilian team. Since the contracts of the world CHAMPIONSHIP, closed, for other brands is nigh on impossible on the spot to advertise. So Hyundai has the exclusive right to supply of cars to and are also all spelersbussen with the logo of the Korean brand. Cars of a different brand be denied to the port. The coach of Australia, Guus Hiddink, had all his Korean connections, appeal to the cart of his new team in the stadium.

Nevertheless, it is tempting to get a piece of the action trying to pick up on the popularity of the world cup. An audience of millions, it is also a clear target represents. And with a little imagination, there is best to invade on this global stage. I mean, just take Dodge. The American brand, which focuses on the ‘tough men’, trying almost desperately to conquer the world and in doing so, however, what advertising to use. Add to this a player who, at the end of his career and a good pension. ‘Recognize the Signs’, so reads the slogan of Dodge’s advertising campaign. On www.ramrash.com the corresponding films to see, that striking a lot of resemblance to the action of Zinedine Zidane.

But it would of course also be that Materazzi in the Frenchman of Algerian descent, indeed, ‘terrorist’ has ever been or his sister has offended.