As you adjust the privacy settings of the Google Assistant


Zo regel je de privacyinstellingen van de Google Assistent

Such a voice assistant on your phone, or smart speaker is super handy, but how is it with the Google Assistant, privacy?

Google Assistant-privacy: as a rule, you

Talking with our devices provides unique questions when it comes to privacy. For listening Google Home and your smartphone it always is? And what happens with your voice commands? Google is fortunately quite transparent about what you will be saved, and what happens. Also, Google provides the ability to saved data to delete and to ensure that new data being stored. We explain how to.

Voice commands to find and delete

A lot of information about your Google use is stored in your Google account. Under My Activity you can find, among other things, back what websites you have visited using Chrome, any YouTube videos you’ve watched and where you’ve searched for on Google Maps. Via this link you can find specific all your voice and audioactiviteiten back. By clicking on the ‘play’ button do you listen to these voice commands.

google assistent-privacy

By clicking on the three dots to click, you get the ability to separate voice commands to delete. It is also possible for all the voice commands at one time to delete. Before you go to the menu and choose ‘delete an Activity’. There you click on ‘Today’ on the arrow and choose ‘Unlimited’. Then click on ‘Delete’

Collection of voice commands turn off

In the My Activity menu of your Google account is also to indicate that Google voice history not to save. To do this you go into the menu to ‘Activiteitsopties’. There you will find ‘Voice and audioactiviteit’. Or you can click on this link to go directly to this page.

On this page, next to ‘Voice and audioactiviteit’ the switch to the left to pick up, you ensure that your voice commands are not to be included. The save is done to use the Assistant to improve. Among other things, by the sound of your voice and the way your words and sentences pronounces to learn.

google assistent-privacy

Conversation mode

Also good to have to keep an eye on is the conversation mode. The Google Assistant-in combination with Google Home the unique opportunity to continue to listen. Normally you should each and every question again ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ to say before you your question. You put, however, the conversation mode in the settings of the Google Assistant in the ‘Preferences’, then still the Assistant to listen when you are ready and ask you to continue to make. That also means that the Google Home longer hear after your voice command.

More about the Google Assistant

With the Google Assistant, you get suddenly a lot of new possibilities on your smartphone that you all with your voice controls. We will explain all of the capabilities of the voice assistant from.

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