Chromecast-tips-week 32: the best of Videoland, NPO’s and Play Movies


Chromecast-tips week 32: het beste van Videoland, NPO en Play Films

A Chromecast is useful, but what to look or listen you? With our weekly tips, we recommend you films, series, podcasts and more on to stream. In our Chromecast tips from week 32 of The Wire, the Believer, and more.

Chromecast-tips-week 32: The Wire and the Believer

With a Chromecast in your tv or a Chromecast Audio in your speaker watch and listen your media from your smartphone, in better quality. That is useful, but you have to know what you need to look and listen. In addition to our monthly Netflix-tips we have, therefore, also a weekly, Chromecast-tips. Herein we give some of the current look – and luistertips. Both free and paid services. Also, Check out the editions from previous weeks below.

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1. Watching: The Wire (Videoland)

What is the best series of all time? For many, it will be the answer to this question, The Wire. This HBO series from David Simon about the police and the streets of Baltimore, with an emphasis on drug trafficking. Each season Simon lays the emphasis on a new side of this world, such as a port, and the media. The series shows a unique and realistic way of life on the streets of Baltimore. The Wire is well written, acted and filmed, and everyone should actually have ever seen. That can now on Videoland.

The Wire you see through the Videoland app. The app can be found through the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download Videoland in Google Play (free)

2. Watch: the Believer (NPO Start Plus)

In this HBO documentary is looking for the singer of the popular band Imagine Dragons to a way in which he the acceptance of lhbtq people in churches can promote. Stevens is himself a mormon, so join a church that clearly has trouble with its various members. The singer decides to have a festival to organise to have a positive message to deliver. The documentary is in the Netherlands, broadcast by the EO, and to see with a NPO Start Plus subscription.

Believer, you can look through the NPO website or NPO Start-app, available from the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download NPO STart in Google Play (free)

3. Watching: the Summer – Louis van Gaal (NPO)

A new series of the Summer is in full swing. Meanwhile, there are two episodes broadcast, with a new presenter and of course a new series of guests. In the second episode moves Louis van Gaal at the table. The long interview will be a little difficult, but as soon as Louis tells about his marriages and children, he shows a new side of himself.

Nice is that the episodes of the Summer this year, also as a podcast to listen to. You get everything from the conversation, while you do not hours to the tv having to restart. You can look at the version of five minutes.

Summer, you look through the NPO website or NPO Start-app, available from the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download NPO STart in Google Play (free)

4. Listen: Anonymous Intimate (podcast)

You can hear about in the news: mannenontmoetingsplaatsen. There are men in nature for sexual contact. Investigative journalists Maarten Dallinga has for Omroep Gelderland months and months of research into this phenomenon. He speaks to visitors, residents, managers and more. Report he does in this five-part podcast titled: Anonymous Intimate.

chromecast-tips week 32

The podcast you can find in our favorite podcast app, Pocket Casts via this link. This app can be found through the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download Pocket Casts in the Google Play (2,99€)

5. Watch: Rampage (Play Movies)

Here and there appear movies based on games. The one is logical, as it already cinematic Tomb Raider. Other games you couple not so fast with a cinema-like experience. That is for example the case with the old game Rampage, in which samples flats climb. The film is not much more than very large monsters that chaos, havoc, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who between rent, but sometimes you also don’t need much more.

Find Rampage in the Play Store via this link. The film look you have on your Android device with the Google Play Movies app. The film will cost 11,99 euro.

→ Download Google Play Movies Google Play (free)

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