Video: this is what the Google Pixel 3 XL look like, and this is included in the packaging


Video: zo ziet de Google Pixel 3 XL eruit, en dit zit in de verpakking

The Google Pixel 3 (XL) is likely to be on 4 October announced. Although this is still a moment lasts, it is anything but quiet around the new Google-powered smartphones. This time we see the Pixel 3 XL in full glory, including accessories.

Google Pixel 3 XL packaging leaked: new Pixel to be Buds and more

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL the past few weeks, frequently surfaced in leaked photos, renders, and videos. So we have already a good picture of how both devices look like. This time has a Ukrainian techblogger his hands managed to establish a working Google Pixel 3 XL-prototype, taking photos and a video posted online.

This has given us an even clearer picture of the appearance, the presence of notch and the contents of the packaging. Also, a number of specifications attached.

In the settings screen is, for example, to see that the Pixel 3 XL sharply to 6.2 inch screen with resolution of 2960 at 1440 pixels. The aspect ratio is 19 to 9 and at the top sits a notch. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 845 chip and 4GB ram. The unit seems to be made of glass, and shows the previously leaked ‘Clearly White’colour.

Further, the substantial Google-phone by default comes with a set of new Pixel Buds. The big difference with the version of last year, is that these earplugs are not wireless. You should they connect on the usb-c port. Probably there will also be a set of bluetooth-Pixel Height, which you can buy. Of course, there is also a charger, usb-c cable and attachment) in the Pixel 3 XL.

Expected Google Pixel 3 specifications

The default Pixel 3 is probably a lot smaller than his big brother and gets a 5,4 inch screen. Most likely, the specifications of both phones are the same. On the other hand gets the 3 XL is supposedly a notch, while here at the ‘normal’ Pixel 3 is not the case. This gives the device an aspect ratio of 18 to 9, and is therefore a lot more compact.

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