Explanation: the new gebarenbediening of Android Pie


Uitleg: zo werkt de nieuwe gebarenbediening van Android Pie

One of the most important new features of the Android Pie is the new control with gestures. But how does it work exactly, and how are the functions of the traditional navigation buttons replaced? Android Planet late in this tip to see how it works.

This is how the gestures of the Android Pie

Android Pie brings the necessary improvements, and a very important one is the new control. The traditional navigation buttons (back, home and multitasking) are replaced by doc: so-called gestures or swipes. There is only one button is present and this can be done in principle all the acts. The button looks like a pill, and is always at the bottom of the screen to find.

If you (the test version of the Android Pie is installed, then you have noticed that it takes a while before you get the new operation under the knee. The list of recent apps open, for example, by the home button to the right to swiping the screen, instead of that there is a separate button for it. Below, we reflect on how the new operation works.

  • Home: in principle, there is no home button is present, but the new pilvormige button works in a similar way. Tap at the button at the bottom to an app to close and go back to your homescreen;
  • Multitasking: you can do this in the Android Pie by from the bottom of your homescreen short upward swipe, and then you end up in the multitaskscherm. Here are all your open apps horizontally next to each other are shown;
  • Between apps and switch: if you want then to another app, then you have two options. You can simply use the apps to browse through it to sweep, but also with one swipe through all your apps ‘move’. To do this, press the button at the bottom and swipe briefly to the right. Then you can move your finger left or right to move to other apps to move;

android p gebaren

android p gebaren

android p gebaren

  • Back: the back button is not completely gone. In apps where he has a function, it is simply present. Also if you the list of recent apps that you have open, you can click the back button to go back to your homescreen;
  • App drawer: open by two times, swipe up, or right from your homescreen a longer swipe up to do;
  • Between apps and switch: you do this by the button, swiping to the right and briefly holding the power button. You want to return to the apps you use to the last use, wipe off short and quick to the right from the button at the bottom;
  • Google Assistant: here is nothing changed. Press and hold the button on the bottom pressed to the smart assistant to activate it.

Android 9.0 (Pie) install

Although Android Pie until later this year for the majority of devices appears, is the update already available on Google Pixel phones. Google promises a Pie for the end of 2o18 roll out to the devices, which are also under were of the program, such as the Sony Xperia XZ2, Nokia 7 Plus and OnePlus 6. Also Android One devices are relatively easily updated. Please keep us Android 9.0 update-overview in the holes for the latest developments.

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