Order the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 (and more) at MediaMarkt (ADV)


Bestel de nieuwe Samsung Galaxy Note9 (en meer) bij MediaMarkt (ADV)

Samsung picks up in the second half of 2018 tremendously and introduces the Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Watch. Piece by piece devices that are worthwhile, and this is what they make it unique.

Galaxy Note9 is the new top-class device

Just like last year, Samsung’s new Note device, and that is in several ways improved. First of all, the S Pen, the well-known stylus of the Note series, have been expanded. The scribe is now equipped with bluetooth, which makes it a lot more functional. For example, it is possible to remotely press the button to play music or pause, to take a photo with the camera app, or a specific app to open. Of course, you can use the S Pen to take notes and to make sketches.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note9 everything you of a high-end Android smartphone expected. On the back there is a double camera (12 + 12 megapixel) that excellent photo shoot (in the dark), but the Note9 also has a very powerful chip, lots of ram for effortless multitasking and plenty of storage. Moreover, you can use the smartphone to expand with a micro-sd memory card of up to 512GB. Because of this, you now have up to 1TB(!) storage, provided you opt for the 512GB model.

Finally, are you using the Galaxy Note9 assured of a beautiful 6,4 inch-super-amoled-screen and Android 8.1 (Oreo). Also important: the smartphone has a big battery of 4000 mAh, which makes the device even in heavy usage easily a full day. In comparison, most Android devices have a battery of 3000 mAh. Charging is nice and fast through the usb-c port, but you can be the Galaxy Note9 also wireless charging.

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The Galaxy Note9 comes in two storage sizes: 128GB and 512GB. For the entry-level model, you pay 999 euros, the 512GB variant costs 1249 euros. Pre-ordering is now possible, after which you have the smartphone on August 24, have in-house. By a special pre-order action you can the Note9 cheaper in house. Liver your old smartphone, you will receive 100 euros and the trade-in value of your device discount. Liver you your current Note-phone, than is the amount of € 200 (plus the trade-in value).

Galaxy Tab S4: improved a lot and massive battery

Android tablets are still but sparsely released, but with the Galaxy S4, Samsung is a tablet that has everything. The 10.5 inches screen has a high resolution and a lot thinner edges, giving you more screen in a compact body. That is fine if you have lots of movies and series watching, or like to play games. The renewed AKG-surround-sound-speaker and big battery help here of course.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also ideal for if you are productive at work. The tablet has enough computing power in the house, and works together with Samsung DeX. This gives you a desktop-like experience, making you more productive at work and easier multitaskt. You have to have, incidentally, not even a monitor: connect the optional ‘book cover’ on the Tab S4, and you can get started immediately. Also the improved S Pen, we know from the Galaxy Note9, is present.

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Sports and healthier life with Galaxy Watch

Finally, there is the Galaxy Watch, the new TizenOS-smartwatch from Samsung. The smart watch has a refreshed design and is aimed at the active user. Therefore, it is the device waterproof, but also resistant to scratches. This is the Galaxy Watch is also suitable for swimmers: a special Water Lock ensures that the watch has no other functions will activate when it comes into contact with water.

The new Galaxy Watch also helps you to live a healthier life. So there are many other features in the Samsung Health app, your sport activities to monitor and all kinds of work-outs to keep. Also cool: you can really take the watch to sleep, where the Goodnight-mode ensures that you won’t be disturbed by notifications, a screen that lights up or other notifications. Furthermore, you can you sleep keep track of your heart rate to accurately measure and stresslevel check.

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At Media market with and without subscription

Interest in the new Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Tab, S4, or Galaxy Watch? In the Media market, the devices are available to order. You are anyway guaranteed the best deal and have, in the case of the Galaxy Note9 – the choice to disconnect the telephone, in combination with a subscription or with a sim only. On the website of the Media market are the best offers available for a subscription is highlighted. Also cool: all the official accessories of the new Galaxy devices are also available for purchase.

Of course, the new Galaxy devices online at Media market order, you’re assured of a 14-day cooling-off period and free delivery (and return). Check the Galaxy Note9, Tab, S4, or Watch first like in the shops? That can at the 49 branches of MediaMarkt!