Samsung Galaxy Note 9 official: everything you need to know



Samsung Galaxy Note 9 officieel: alles wat je moet weten

Samsung has just released the Galaxy Note 9 officially presented. The smartphone is from the 24th of August in the Dutch shops. Click here to read all about the specifications, features, release and prices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 officially presented

Weeks went on, rumors about the Galaxy Note 9, and finally is the new Samsung flagship will be officially announced. The smartphone builds on the basis that last year with the Note 8 is placed, but also introduces several improvements. The unit is from 24 August in the Netherlands, is available now to reserve. The smartphone has a suggested retail price of € 999 for the 128GB/6GB RAM model. For the larger variant with 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM you pay for 1249 euro.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the successor of the Note 8 and the big new flagship for the second half of 2018. The device comes a few months after the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, and has many similarities with these phones. With the presentation of the Note 9 is Samsung a number of competitors to quickly. So are the new iPhones, and Google Pixel 3 XL until later this year have been announced.

Fast hardware and lots of storage

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has hardly changed compared to its predecessor. The screen is 6.4 inches, a bit larger, but has the same resolution of 2960 at 1440 pixels. The infinity display takes up almost the entire front, with thin bezels on the bottom and the top. The Note 9 is, however, a large phone and is with 201 grams of is also on the heavy side. Below we set out all the specifications at a glance.

  • 6,4 inch-super-amoled display with QHD resolution of 2960 at 1440 pixels
  • Dust – and waterproof design with headphone jack
  • Dual, 12-megapixel camera with variable aperture and optical image stabilization
  • 8 megapixel front-facing camera for selfies and video calling
  • S Pen with bluetooth and a button for new features
  • Samsung Exynos 9810-chip with big octacore processor
  • 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, or 512GB storage with 8GB RAM
  • Up to 1TB storage, provided that you possess a micro-sd memory card of 512GB
  • Runs on Android 8.1 (Oreo) with Samsung Experience skin
  • Monthly security updates, smooth update to Android 9.0 (Pie)
  • Phone now to pre-ordering, for August 23, ordered = August 24 in the house
  • From the 24th of August is the smartphone officially in the shops

The device is powered by the Exynos 9810-chip, which we know from the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Under the hood, we find in addition to 6/8GB RAM and 128/512GB of storage. Unlock via finger print scanner on the back, or opt for the irisscanner or face recognition. The Intelligent Scan feature is present, in which the iris and face recognition are combined.

New to the Galaxy Note 9 is that the smartphone standard is equipped with 128GB of storage, which is twice as much as its predecessor. By means of a micro-sd memory card of 512GB you can get the phone to extend up to 1TB, if you choose the more expensive 512GB model.

Redesigned S Pen and larger battery

samsung galaxy note 9 officieel

An important innovation has to do with the S Pen, the well-known stylus of the Galaxy Note series. The scribe is now equipped with bluetooth, so several new options possible. The stylus also has a button that you can use to ‘at a distance’ a selfie or group photo to make, videos to play and pause, and specific app functions to boot. It makes the stylus a lot more useful, though you can of course also just use it to write and sketch.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 9 for a hefty 4000 mAh battery. That is a considerable improvement compared to the Note 8, that the with 3300 mAh had to do. Samsung stopped never before such a large battery, and according to the manufacturer, the Note 9 also with heavy use a full day. There is Quick Charge 2.0 support and a usb-c port is present, also, the Note 9 is wireless charging.

Dual camera is improved

Again, the Galaxy Note 9 with a double camera, with two lenses 12 megapixel. Just as with the Galaxy S9 has the camera of the Note 9 a variable aperture. This means that the smartphone is the aperture (the size of the lens) will automatically adjust to the lighting conditions. Is it dark, is chosen for an aperture of f/1.5, so that as much light is captured. With plenty of daylight turns the camera to f/2.4 to make images appear sharper to capture.

Samsung has smart features have been added that the user needs help in making photos. Thus, scenes are automatically recognized, and on this basis, the camera settings adjusted. Also if the Galaxy Note 9. notes that a photo is not completely successful, and, for example, little detail, then you will receive notification and the option to restart a new snapshot.

Exclusive Fortnite on the Tab S4 and Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 gets along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 exclusive access to the hitgame Fortnite. The game is directly available on your smartphone and tablet, and each Note 9 and Tab S4 player will get a special skin. For now, this is the only way to Fortnite on Android to play.

Check tomorrow for our preview!

Android Planet publishes tomorrow a comprehensive preview of the Galaxy Note 9. Keep the website in the holes, or download the Android Planet app.

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