This is new in Google Contacts 3.0


Dit is er nieuw in Google Contacten 3.0

Google Contacten 3.0

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Google Contacts 3.0 is rolling out through the Play Store with a new design. The fine contacts app looks fresh again and again for a while. What is there changes in this major update?

Google Contacts 3.0: this is new

Google rolls out the latest version of its Contacts app from the Play Store. Via this app to save all your contacts, after which they will be linked with your Google account. You buy a new smartphone? Then, you just have to login to all of your contacts to download. But what is new in this major update?

You Open the app, you will be welcomed by a completely new design. This is a Material Theme, a kind of update for the previously introduced Material Design.

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First of all, notice that the blue bar at the top of the app and the light gray background of the menu is now white, for a more minimalist feel. The whole app also uses the font Google Sans and the suggestiespagina looks calmer. Also, the app includes a new icon, with a slightly lighter color blue.

google contacten 3.0

Also in Google Contacts 2.0 introduced Google to a new design. So then there was also more white space was introduced, but looked the app gets slightly more boring.

Google Contacts 3.0 download

To get the latest version of the app to download, click on the link below. The new version is rolled out, so it may take some time until you get the new design on your device.

→ Download Contacts in Google Play (free)

Video calling and Google Duo

Using Google Contacts is not only easy for your contacts to call or send you a message, but you can also make video calls. Press the videobelknop, then launches Google Duo to see each other while talking. Did you know that others are the Google Duo app don’t need at all?