Video: Fortnite’s playable on Galaxy S9 and other devices


A Fortnite video shows how the game is played on a Samsung Galaxy S9, while the Galaxy Note 9 probably a temporary exclusivity. Watch the movie here.

Fortnite video: playable on Galaxy S9

Fortnite for Android is likely to be later launched today, together with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The game is rumored to be temporarily exclusive playable on this phablet and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. That means hackers, however, is not the game to other devices.

Site XDA Developers has obtained access to the apk file of Fortnite to install the game. These smart people have also got the authentication to work and the game to play on a Galaxy S9. Additionally, it seems Fortnite is also working on a Pixel 2 and Essential Phone.

fortnite video

To do this, your device must be rooted. Yet, that is not a recipe for success, because the OnePlus 6-user of XDA Developers got a message that the game by the root is not played. Possible, however, to specific settings of this user.

Fortnite and the Note 9

The Android version of Fortnite is the same as the iOS version, who is already playable. Small differences compared to the versions on pc and consoles that you get on smartphones helps to visually see where the sound is coming from. Also pack your items automatically and the doors will open automatically.

Today at 17:00 hours, the Galaxy Note 9 officially unveiled. Through a livestream this event is also home to follow. This presentation is not only interesting for the new smartphone from Samsung, but also for the role that Fortnite is going to have.

Fortnite is the most important game of 2018. The choices that companies such as Samsung and Epic Games around this game, we follow therefore on the foot. Also read our op-ed: Fortnite is not in the Play Store place is unnecessarily dangerous.

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