Test: Kia Stinger GT 3.3 V6 AWD [autotest + photos]


Review Kia Stinger GT 3.3 T-GDI V6 AWD

August 11, 2018

Text and photos: Elco van der meer

Is it a BMW? No, even the most outspoken BMW looks next to this car is almost simple. It Is a Porsche Panamera? I admit, he has the characteristics of. But is it a Maserati, as people on the street him several times to identify? Even this Italian thoroughbred is not. Now all is undisputed that this showpony no 370 hp needs to have impact, yet just enough horses on command apply. This is the Kia Stinger GT and a week long he is, especially for you, from me. A driving experience.

The Stinger is Kia’s flagship model, positioned above the already compact Optima. In addition to the 370 horsepower V6 with two turbos and all-wheel drive, there are still two more modest motoriseringen. These are a 200 hp diesel or 220 hp strong petrol engine, both viercilinders with rear-wheel drive. An unusual choice, because this drive is usually reserved for the premium brands. Kia’s ambitions to become a real rijdersauto to make you taste everything.


A long nose, modest front overhang and a long wheelbase. The proportions are clearly premium, which is made possible by the longitudinally mounted engine in combination with rear-wheel drive. The Stinger has a sloping roofline and a sporty profile, making some brands ‘m four-door coupé would call it. If not the Koreans. It adorns them, and in doing so, a four door is not. The rear window is trapped in a practical fifth door.

The interior is pretty elegantly designed and exudes quality and luxury. In particular, the three round air vents in the middle are a clear nod to Mercedes-Benz, all the looks of the development there has to be something larger. A nice matte chroomstrip accentuates the underside of the dashboard, while on the top a from other Kia’s known infotainmentscherm houses. The materials used are undeniably beautiful, which is also true for the way in which the various parts together stitches. It is a pity that you deurrubbers regularly hears cracking during the drive, because apart from that the Stinger is not on the mistakes to get caught.


Kia knows how you have to sit in a sports car. All the necessities for an excellent seating position are present, extensive steering wheel adjustment to an extendable chair seat. Long drivers are good, shorter drivers are at the disadvantage. When you have the seat far forward in the slide he comes into the area where the headroom is quite limited.

The back is certainly in order, however, the sloping roofline here, at the expense of some headroom. The legroom is ample, less the footwell under the front seats allowing the freedom of movement which is less. Also the boot is 406 litres content is relatively modest, though you will be in the practice not against limitations problems. More important is the accessibility, which, thanks to the large tailgate is excellent.


That the Stinger is really a Kia is a brand you in the operation. That is just as logical and straightforward as the rest of the family. Also, the Stinger provides a level of ease of use where the German competition increasingly can’t compete. Kia opts for beautiful, clear buttons in the right places and cut no basic controls way.

Is it all gold that glitters? No, there really is still a little whine. So I expect in such an expensive car a slightly better operating system than in the Picanto and Rio. The central touch screen works well and quickly, but the graphical representation for this segment of the market so-so. Also, the range of the digital radio (DAB+) regular way and the system fix on the FM band didn’t work for me.


The first miles with the Stinger expired civilized. Of course, you feel that power lies under the hood, but the 370 horses are remarkably tame, and if the whip is not used. When the oil reaches full operating temperature, good to see on the instruments, it is time to work on the relationship between the accelerator pedal and floor mat.

What happens then is difficult to reconcile with the logo on the steering wheel. Modal Kia’s are performing fine, but this is such a different level that it makes an impression. The twinturbo engine is certainly refined, but certainly not devoid of sensation. Although the torque of 510 Nm from 1.300 rpm should be available to start the engine from about 2,500 rpm really hard to pull. This goes hand in hand with a wonderful push in your back that persists until there are to be switched, and the party starts again. The cool numbers? After 4.9 seconds promises Kia 100 km/h on the clock and it was only at 270 km/h there will be all of that strength come to an end. Impressive.

The achttrapsautomaat, by Kia itself, will ensure that the engine constantly in the correct rpm range. Switch it soepelst under full load, in less of a hurry can you feel the gearbox every now and then – and downshifts. The particular heavy life of this demo-car can be a cause, because this one has already more than 20,000 tropenkilometers taken in the hands of other autojournalisten.

Time to work on the relationship between the accelerator pedal and floor mat.

In the manual mode with the shifters, you are never completely in control of the gearbox. The technique you will be quickly overridden by still automatically switch. And then there is the fuel consumption, which after 550 test kilometres up a narrow 1 7.2. With daily use, may 1 at 8.5 your part, where models with similar performance, around the 1: 10 consume.

You will notice in the above story, that the engine is a large part of the rijsensatie determines. But that is not all, because also with the frame is a beautiful job. Here is the intended GT-character is clear because the Stinger is best to supple suspension. This is leaning a bit ‘ie the best and must ‘ie just ‘convert’ in the bend. That the moving character is precisely what ‘m fun, while the pleasantly heavy and sufficient information controls you a lot of confidence. Thanks to the four-wheel drive can be unduly hard and is left and you have also under wet conditions a more secure feeling.


Is the Kia Stinger length? Yes, in the Netherlands, you can boldly say. The GT version is from 99.995 euros, of which less than 50.149 euro in the form of aanschafbelasting BPM. That has to do with the paper-high CO2-emissions. In our neighbouring countries is the Stinger, especially considering the large capacity, however, is competitively priced. The best Stinger in our country, the diesel version, which is always the GT-Line and for 59.995 euro on the driveway shines. Options to order is not possible, because every Stinger is as complete as it can be.


The Stinger is Kia’s business card and leave that in to see everything. Not only the appearance is spectacular, topmotor with 370 hp makes the rugged look more than true. Inside you will also agree to nothing. The fuel consumption is high, but compared to the competition is not so high that the huge tax burden is justified. It is not the car but the taxes that the Stinger our little foot on the ground will be able to get.

Look you by the price, then Kia has a particularly beautiful performance. It does not work each brand to a car that in the right foundation, that is well put together, well finished, good driving and people on the street do look. A car with a significant impact on its environment and on you as a director. It is a impact that you wrap it.