These are the 3 best alternatives for Inbox by Google


Dit zijn de 3 beste alternatieven voor Inbox by Google

Google stops in march 2019 with Inbox, its experimental app. Inbox by Gmail is popular because of the automated labeling of the less important emails and the option to set reminders for emails and other things. Android Planet put his favorite Google Inbox alternatives in a row.

1. Gmail


If Inbox at the beginning of next year stops, you can get the app no longer download or use. Who are mail now keeps track of with Inbox, according to Google, it is best to switch to Gmail. Logical: this service is from Google and shows ads, where the internet company a lot of money to earn. Google, there is therefore interest in ensuring that as many people as possible to use Gmail, and the app for the past few years, therefore greatly improved.

You might be grotens automatically classified into important and less important mailboxes, and Google’s algorithm determines by clear mails useful answers. An advantage of Gmail is that you simply many types of accounts you can add. Work, study, private; all of these accounts have their own account within the Gmail app. And the memories that you know from the Inbox, but also Gmail.

→ Download Gmail in Google Play (free)

2. Todoist

One of the best Inbox-features is the creation and postponing of reminders in your mail (and possibly Google Calendar). If Inbox then disappears, you can for the notes, for example, dodging to Todoist. These beautifully designed notes app allows you to quickly create notes that you can assign to projects and labels.

It is also possible to make a task a priority, a deadline and a reminder. Todoist also works on iOS and via a web-based version. You can use the service to link to Google Calendar so that reminders in your calendar to appear. Todoist is free to use, but to all of the above features, you have to have a subscription of 32 euros per year.

→ Download Todoist in Google Play (free)

3. Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook app for many years was one of the lesser mailapps for Android. After multiple acquisitions and improvements belongs to Outlook now with the better apps, which mainly comes from the clear design and useful features. The Priority home screen of Outlook only shows your most important emails. If you click on other than you get all the other mails, newsletters, and advertisements to aankoopbevestigingen.

Like Inbox, Outlook displays your emails snooze so that they are on a chosen day and time again in your (key) inbox. You have also the possibility to mail to archive or permanently delete them. In addition, you can apps like Evernote, Facebook and Microsoft, Wunderlist integrate with Outlook to events and reminders in the app to get. The mail app also has an integrated calendar, a comprehensive search function and supports a lot of different types of services.

→ Download Microsoft Outlook in Google Play (free)

Too late for Newton: alternative stops this month

If we have this list two months ago, we had Newton also used. The mail service, who previously CloudMagic was called – offers many of the same features as the Inbox, does it cost 50 dollars per year. Or better put: cost. The company behind Newton in August, namely, announced that the mail app on september 25, stops because the business model is not profitable.