3 ways in which Android Pie is up to you to adapt


3 manieren waarop Android Pie zich aan jou aanpast

Formerly behaved Android is for everyone virtually the same. That is over now. Read how Android Pie used artificial intelligence to adapt to you to adapt.

How Android Pie used artificial intelligence

Android 9.0 (Pie) has a lot of useful features. Some of them are immediately obvious, such as the improved notifications. Others are more invisible, such as how the operating system better deal with your privacy. There is a third category of improvements, including: the different cool ways to Android Pie to you adjust.

If it works well, happen these adjustments without you even knowing. However, if you are careful, it soon becomes clear what great steps the operating system creates through the use of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and Android

Googles artificial intelligence is on Android mainly reflected in the many Google apps that we use. Although Android as an operating system, of course, also a lot of invisible, artificial intelligence used, are the apps like Inbox, Google Photos and of course the Google Assistant which we, in a practical way with this technology come into contact. Machine learning makes these apps unique features as possible.

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Such skills are now also back in the Android Pie. In different ways look Android Pie to your use to learn from. This can, in theory, exactly the same device, with the same apps and the same version of Android, with two different people yet work differently.

1. Android Pie knows which apps you use often

Android Pie means, for example a good eye on which apps you used, to give you better service. The revamped app drawer is no longer just a list of all your apps, but Android Pie gives you a list of apps that you probably at that moment wants to use. The operating system looks to the time of day, your location, and more to these predictions. You are on the go, then you probably want to Google Maps and your favorite podcast app, while you are at home in the evening as possible, Netflix need. During working hours that addictive game in the app-drawer? It might be time for that game to remove.

Also clever are the new App Actions. That are shortcuts to actions in apps that you probably want to do. Open you often at the end of the afternoon Inbox for an e-mail to a specific person to send, then that option at the end of the afternoon, as an App Action to be presented.

android pie kunstmatige intelligentie

2. Customizable battery management: Android to close apps that you do not easily re-used

The apps that you just do not use frequently, will Android Pie and smooth out the working memory to delete if you are finished. This saves among other things the battery, because your device will not be unnecessarily preoccupied with the apps in the background. The apps that you often open keep the operating system properly ready.

This Customizable battery management the processor is approximately five percent less of the load and that means less electricity is required. For specific app-segments is the processor even to fifteen percent relieved. As soon as Customizable battery management is learning more and more, this system is also becoming more efficient.

android pie kunstmatige intelligentie

3. Adjustable brightness: Android learns from your preferences

Android smartphones to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically given the lighting conditions. Also you can use a slider, the brightness level is manually adjusted. The new ‘Adjustable brightness’ in the Android Pie allows the operating system to learn of your use and so the above options combines.

Android Pie remembers your adjustments and will the next time automatically this brightness’s post. So learn users unknowingly to Android what they like, then Android is taking over. Because of this you will in the long term are less likely to feel the need to to adjust the brightness.

android pie kunstmatige intelligentie

Future versions of Android

We expect that artificial intelligence in the next versions of Android, an even greater role. Android is from Android Pie is no longer a fixed system, but one that is becoming more and more your use customize for a unique and pleasant user experience. By Google’s knowledge of artificial intelligence, the company can get here much faster steps than the competition.

It is interesting that we for improvements of the above systems do not need to await a major Android update. Both Adaptable battery management as the clarity are at the bottom of the Device, Health Services and so through the Play Store to update.

Android Pie review

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