Nokia 5.1 review: significantly improved successor knows how to convince


Nokia 5.1 review: flink verbeterde opvolger weet te overtuigen


The Nokia 5 made an impression with an excellent price-performance ratio and fast Android updates. They we also so to speak about his successor? You read about it in this Nokia 5.1 review.

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Nokia is back, and how. The company made its comeback in 2017 and is the second generation of smartphones. The Nokia 5 knew to impress us with a solid design, excellent performance, and the quick, light Android version. The only thing that we questioned were the security updates: would that really be so fast to appear as was promised? The Nokia 5.1 proves that the Finnish brand has a future and for the time being is going nowhere.

Luxury design

The Nokia 5.1 is aluminum and matte black finished. This gives the device a luxurious look and feel robust, especially for a device of this price range. It is only after this choice of materials is that the unit is relatively smooth, and easily your hand slips. Also extends the camera out a little bit, making it easy to scratch when he is on rough surfaces.

Nokia 5.1 review

There is a lot changed compared to its predecessor. The finger print scanner on the back and you have no physical navigation buttons more to the front: these are in the screen are processed. The scanner is nice, so your finger automatically on the button when you have the device in your pocket takes.

Further feels the Nokia 5.1 is compact and you can easily use with one hand. Also it is nice that the headphone jack is at the top. This is the device well in your hands as soon as you pick up to a different song.

Screen: clear improvement

At first glance, the unit properly on its predecessor, but appearances are deceiving. In particular, the resolution is pretty jacked up. Where the Nokia 5 is still a reasonable hd resolution at its disposal, has the 5.1 full hd resolution (2160 by 1080 pixels). This is the 5.5 inch display is nice and sharp, and especially dark shades are beautiful to view. Also the viewing angle is good, making the screen in bright sunlight-readable.

The 18 by 9 aspect ratio provides little schermwinst on

The only after is that the aspect of 18 9 in practice, few schermwinst results. Compared to the Nokia 5, he has a thinner edge at the top of the screen, but the bezel on the bottom is virtually the same. This is the voorkantvullende schermeffect in practice, all we can that Nokia has seen the price hardly blame.

Nokia 5.1 review

Hardware: nothing to complain about

The Helio P18-chip from MediaTek is not the most powerful processor, but is sufficient for everyday use. Most of the apps work smoothly, although you sometimes have a second of patience before they started. Is the app once active, then you have no more problems with delays.

The device has 3GB ram and the standard 16GB of storage, of which about half by the Android installation is seized. 8GB is on the tight side for storing photos, music, podcasts, and videos, but fortunately you can expand capacity with a micro-sd card. Still we had liked to have seen that the 5.1 standard with 32GB being delivered.

The Nokia 5.1 must be in terms of specifications, especially to compete against the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite and the Motorola Moto G6. The former is faster than the Nokia, while the Motorola phone on paper is almost identical.

Software: a homage for Android One

Nokia and Google are working closely together and, therefore, is the 5.1 on the Android One program. This is the smartphone almost immediately with security patches, and you can count on two major version updates.

During the test period, turned the Nokia 5.1 on a virtually unmodified version of Android 8.0 (Oreo). Because of this, you have no burden of unnecessary apps and are pre-only a few Google programs installed. Crazy enough to turn the phone on top of the newer Android 8.1.

When Nokia in 2017 a comeback was the major question is whether the company, his word would hold up in regards to security updates. Now, a year later, we can say that this is the case. The Nokia 5.1 is just after Googles own devices updated with security patches.

Nokia keeps his word

The only thing that I think is a pitty is that the startup sound of the phone always goes off, even though you have ‘m in total silence. When the device turn on in a room where you still are, such as a library, though you still have the typical Nokia tune. This is not a big problem, but a bit clumsy.

Nokia 5.1 review

Camera: better, but not perfect

The 16 megapixel camera on the back does its job, but know me not as convincing as the other parts of this smartphone. Although the photos in the principle of good quality, they become quickly over – or underexposed. This is especially the case when you’re trying to focus on a relatively small object. You have as a result is often multiple attempts are necessary to a good photo.

The 8 megapixel front camera is good enough for a fun selfie. The photos are sharp and contain plenty of details. In terms of cameraprestaties delft, the Nokia 5.1 the worst of it compared to the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, which includes a double selfiecamera. The Moto G6 also features a dual camera, but then at the back. For the regular house-garden-and-kitchen-photos you can be used with the 5.1, however, very forward.

Battery: faster charging

The battery capacity of 2970 mAh ensures that the unit is easily a day of battery life. With heavy use I had at the beginning of the evening, usually about 35 percent battery capacity. A na is that the Nokia 5.1 does not have a usb-c connector, but the micro-usb should do. Nevertheless, it will charge pretty fast. Within approximately one and a half hours the battery is completely full. This is a big improvement compared to the Nokia 5, that no less than three hours.

Nokia 5.1 review

Conclusion Nokia 5.1 review

The Nokia 5.1 is a great phone for people who have a lot of value for their money search. The unit is nice and solid in all its facets, without a serious slip. He is fast enough for everyday use, has a long battery life, and a nice, thick screen. In addition, Android One is a big plus, because you are assured years of an up-to-date device.

The only downsides are the camera, which quickly under – or overexposed, and the lack of rapid recharging. This takes charge longer than the competition. Considering the price tag we charge Nokia this, however, is not too heavy.

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