Don’t miss a post of the government with Mailbox app for Android


Mis geen post van de overheid met Berichtenbox-app voor Android

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With the new Mailbox app, you can always check whether your message is received by the Tax authorities, your church or other governmental authority. The app is now available for Android smartphones.

Mailbox app available for Android

The government will send less and less often physical letters. Instead you get a digital message, for example, if you have to report it to the Tax authority, or if you have an important message from your local municipality or water board. This was you until now still own the MijnOverheid-site open, something that many Dutch people forget to do.

There is, therefore, from now on the Mailbox app for Android-powered smartphones. That automatically sends you a notification when you receive a new message. According to Logius, the government agency that the app develops, the chance is so much smaller that you a message. The app also works on tablets.

If you have the Mailbox for the first time prompted for your DigiD account to link to the app. Then imagine a five-digit pin, so that not just anyone your personal messages can see. That code needs to you every time you open the app to re-enter.

Fully complete the app yet. Thus, it is possible to indicate which organizations and agencies you are exactly the digital item is allowed to send. That option only comes at a later time is available in the app. Logius promises the app regularly to improve with updates.

Download Mailbox for Android

The Mailbox app is through the link below to download in the Play Store. The app is free and works on any smartphone with Android 4.4 or later.

→ Download messaging box in Google Play (free)