Google Home Hub unveiled: smart assistant with own screen


Google Home Hub onthuld: slimme assistent met eigen scherm

The Google Home Hub is a smart screen with a built-in Google Assistant. This is the next evolution of Google’s handy tools for use in the home.

Google Home Hub announcement: you need to know

The device is basically a simple tablet and speaker in one. To the front is a 7 inch touch screen attached to a pretty hefty speaker. The Google Home Hub is from the end of October to buy in various countries, including the United States, for a suggested retail price of only 150 euros. There are currently no plans for an English release.

Just like the regular Google Home listens to the Hub is always with you, ready to help. Say “OK Google” to the Google Assistant a command to give or question to ask. Different than the ordinary Home has the Hub, however, also a screen, where additional information can be displayed. So is the weather not only read, but also get you the forecast for the rest of the week.

During the Made by Google event showed the zoekbedrijf, among other things, how useful the Hub is on the kitchen counter or on the kitchen table. For example, the device in the different steps of a recipe to show you and explain with image. You can also short videosamenvattingen of the news.

Also, the app includes several tools that are suitable for the whole family. For example, you can set that the Hub is not listening during dinner time, and that your children are no explicit videos may open. The Hub allows all devices in your home operate with the Home app, from the lights to the garage door to the thermostat.

Home Hub can also be used as a picture frame. The device Is not in use, then automatically selects the best photos from your Google Photos-archive display. Through the app you select which albums there are shown, for example, only photos of your partner or pets see.

Home Hub in the Netherlands

It is still unknown whether the Home Hub in the Netherlands appears. Google announced today a Dutch release for the Home and Home Mini, the two voice speakers for quite some time are sold in other countries. May appear Home Hub only in the course of 2019 in the Netherlands.

Other smart screens

The Home Hub is different than an Android tablet. The device runs on its own, limited software. You can’t put apps on it, and the number of services is limited. So the Hub is not meant to be games to play or to edit. However, the Home Hub support for wi-fi and bluetooth, so he can be linked to the internet, and many other devices.

Google is not the first company that smart assistants with a screen sale. Even JBL and Lenovo spent this summer a smart Google Assistant-screen in the United States with the same software. These variants are slightly more expensive, but have better sound or larger speakers. Also of Alexa, the voice-activated assistant, Amazon, are variants with screen to find.

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