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How to drive the personenvariant of the new Opel Combo?

October 9, 2018

Text and photos: Elco van der meer

The Opel Combo is a well-known name in bedrijfswagenland, the Combo with the addition of Tour is something less seen. Yet this addition since 1995 used to personenversie of opel’s compact buyer indicate. With the Combo Tour focus the Germans on the practically minded consumer. Whether it’s dogs, strollers, bikes, or an extended session, Leen Bakker, this type of car is indeed like no other. If you like music in the ears, there is now a new Combo Tour, which I path go. A driving impression.

Opel delivers the Combo Tour with two petrol and two dieselvarianten. The 110 hp strong 1.2-liter petrol engine linked to a manual six-speed gearbox, the 130 hp variant to an automatic transmission with eight (!) object. Dieselrijders can choose from a 1.5, with a desire 76, 102 or 130 hp. For private buyers is the 1.2 Turbo 110 hp is the most attractive, so I variant chosen for this first driving impression.


With the 1.2-liter turbocharged engine is the 1.356 kg heavy Combo Tour well endowed. You have to have the engine slightly further strikethrough to the same performance as a – lighter – Grandland X, but upgrading to the 130 hp variant is not necessary. Certainly not, because the gearbox is very pleasant switch and also the clutch is easy to operate. The ‘stir’ as in vehicles of the past in the past: the Combo Tour truly feels like a car.

After a varied journey, I read a consumption of a good 1 12.3. In the daily practice without ‘testgedrag’ will have something more economical, I count on such a km extra per litre of petrol.

More car

Involuntarily you don’t expect a lot of the driving characteristics with such a high, bedrijfswagenachtige carriage. Does the Opel Combo, the good, surprisingly good even. He sends easy and you soon notice that the suspension is tailored to comfort. Both short bumps like speed bumps are nicely muted while the carriage in turns emphatic on one ear will hang down. The targeted customers will be the first to appreciate and adhere to the second probably not bother. That the car both during acceleration when at constant speed, pleasantly quiet, is everyone will know how to value.

Space more attractive packaged

That the Opel Combo Tour is still a Combo is obvious, but also in the car are inside large steps. Of course, the interior is composed of pure hard plastics, simply because it is under heavy use better. The pragmatic buyer, it would be a sausage being and enjoy more of not less than 15 storage and aflegvakken. Interesting are especially the large, dual glovebox and the handy – optional – bake at the top of the trunk, which you well from the trunk from the rear seats. A third row of seats is optional, making the Combo accommodates up to 7 persons and luggage. For those who have more space wish brings Opel a 35 cm extended instance.

November in the showroom

The new Opel Combo Tour arrives in november at the Dutch dealers. The 1.2-liter petrol engine with 110 hp is there from 28.327 euro, the additional cost for the extended version is 1.210 euros at this variant. Dieselen with 75 hp can from 30.864 euro, the L2-bodywork costs 34.642 euro. This is supplied standard with the 102 hp motor.

Will soon publish a comprehensive driving test of the new Opel Combo Tour.