News: Opel in 2019 and 2020: new Corsa and Mokka X |


Adam, Karl and Cascada disappear

October 9, 2018

Bob Kroese

Opel has plans for the coming years. In 2019 we get the new Corsa and Vivaro, to see, and in 2020, the successor of the Mokka X. Also brings the brand within the now and over 2 years of four electrified models on the market.

Opel has plans for the next 2 years put on a list. The most important news is that the new generation Corsa next year is presented. Appears also a fully electric version, it is one of the four electrified models that Opel brings to the market between now and the end of 2020. In 2024, it would make each model a minimum of one version to offer with an electric motor. So that is a fully electric version, but also a hybrid. Parent company PSA has recently launched the first plug-in hybrids presented, it is plausible that in each case the Opel Grandland X such a powertrain.

2019 is also the year in which we the all-new Vivaro can look forward to. There are just as now, luxury personenversies and bestelwagenuitvoeringen. In total brings Opel until the end of 2020 eight new and revamped models on the market. This sit very likely renewed editions of the Astra and Insignia.

Karl and Adam disappear

There are also models that to abandon the field. The smallest opel’s, Karl and Adam, don’t get successors. Opel continues to both sell cars until the end of 2019. Also, the Cascada is not followed by a new edition. In the Netherlands the cabrio at this moment, only sold directly from stock.