Google Photos update introduces live albums: automatically add photos


Google Foto’s-update introduceert live albums: automatisch foto’s toevoegen

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Share photos with friends and family is a little easier, thanks to the Live Albums, option that the latest Google Photos update introduces.

Google Photos Live Albums, add:

With Google Photos, it is already easy to collect pictures and share. The photos app groups, for example, automatically your photos based on location and theme, then you only have the share button need to press to take them to someone else to send. These albums are however usually static: create your new baby photos that you also want to share, then you need to manually to the gede album add.

Google Foto's Live Albums-update

The company now introduces Live Albums. This allows you to have a ged album that is automatically updated. Press in the app on the ‘New album’, and you can choose between manually adding photos, or adding all of the photos of certain people or animals. If you can get a babyalbum to create automatically all the baby photos, so the whole family can watch.

Because Google’s automatic image recognition to apply, you must be careful with what albums you make. Potentially sensitive photos are also added directly, if someone in the picture being recognized – even if it’s on a picture frame in the background. Therefore, you can also set up Google Photos automatically, and a notification will send as photos added to the album. Then you should do yourself to ensure that they’re easy to get removed again, if necessary.

So activate your Live Albums

Google rolls out the update gradually, so it may take a few days before the Live Albums are available to everyone. In the Netherlands the function, moreover, only with a small detour. The face detection technology of Google Photos is not available. Through your phone one time to think that you are in another country, it is the function, however, always available. Before you follow the steps below.

  1. Remove or disable the Google Photos app on your smartphone. Don’t worry, your online backup will remain available;
  2. Download a free VPN app from the Play Store;
  3. Open the VPN app and connect with an American network;
  4. Download or reactivate the Google Photos app, and sign yourself again;
  5. Then enable ‘Similar faces groups ” in the settings. If this option does not immediately appear, try a few hours later.

Once enabled, you can vpn, disable or even delete it again. Google Photos is pre-installed on many Android smartphones, but is the link below also in the Play Store to find.

→ Download Google Photos in Google Play (free)