Opinion: Google’s hardware saves the Netherlands again, but that is not very


Opinie: Googles hardware slaat Nederland weer over, maar dat is niet erg

During the Made by Google 2018 event, it became clear that the Netherlands is skipped during the launch of Googles latest hardware. But how bad is that?

Opinion: Made by Google, and the Netherlands

It is Made by Google-event had this year, no big surprises. Just as the data of users on Google+ was also the information about Google’s new hardware is not safely hidden. Where we primarily still have questions about had, is whether these products finally to the Netherlands.

We had good hope. The Google Assistant speaks already while Dutch and supports later this month, also Google Home. However, Google released the Pixel 3, Home Hub and Pixel Slate see and none of these devices (for now) to the Benelux. That is very unfortunate, but not a disaster.

Google Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 was at the event purely presented as a camera. The device is thus above all a device to make fantastic photos. A logical choice for Google, because further, it seems the smartphone on so many other Android smartphones.

Do you find it important to be the best camera to have, then it is annoying that the Pixel 3 is not just for sale in the Netherlands. For the rest start Google slow the for of are Pixel devices to lose. Googles Nexus and Pixel-smartphones were always an attractive option, because they are stock-Android run and the first to get the updates.

made by google en nederland

Meanwhile, the latest versions of Android so made, that all the manufacturers faster updates could roll out. To do that, still not all manufacturers equally quickly, but there is still more choice for devices with fast updates. Also choose from multiple manufacturers for an almost bare-bones version of the operating system.

In terms of good cameras at this time, the Huawei P20 Pro is the best on the market, if we have to rely on the scores from DxOMark. Also the HTC U12+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 excellent snapshots. The Pixel 3 seems to be the best combination of safety and a good camera has to offer.

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Home Hub and Pixel Slate

Real direct alternatives to the Google Home Hub and Pixel Slate, there are not. Yet, the absolute usefulness of these devices is questionable. The smart screen is undoubtedly one of the permanent new devices in our homes, but in previous years, presented Google the Home as a way to not display more need to have.

Now there is yet again a surprisingly small display added. As long as you have the Google Assistant can achieve, you can most of the also fine without the screen and grab you a smartphone with the Google Home app.

made by google en nederland

The Pixel Slate is also a very peculiar product. It is a ChromeOS tablet that you can use as a laptop using the optional keyboard. Is this simply a versatile device or know the Pixel Slate, not sure what it wants to be?

It Is an Android tablet, a ChromeOS laptop, or a entertainmentmonster with very sharp images? Maybe the Pixel Slate to be a surprise, but for the price (at least 599 $ for the tablet and $ 199 for the keyboard) you can also a cheap Chromebook and smooth tablet experience.

Image and sound + artificial intelligence = Google

Google played this presentation in any case clear in his forces. The company is well in image, voice recognition, and those two things combine with artificial intelligence for great results. The new hardware is, however, mainly in the service of Google’s real strength: software.

Which software can we grotens also in other ways than specifically to this new hardware. The Google Assistant can be found on every Android smartphone and the Google Home arrives ‘ie soon.

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It is absolutely unfortunate that Google’s new hardware is not in the Netherlands comes true, but it is not a disaster. Can you really not wait until the devices are finally here to be shipped? Then you can still easily import.

made by google en nederland

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