Smart Compose is coming to Gmail app, tap your e-mail for you


Smart Compose komt naar Gmail-app, tikt je mail voor je

Soon you’ll be Smart Compose in the Gmail app on your smartphone. This feature gives automatic suggestions for keyword phrases, giving you a lot of time and effort to write mails.

Gmail Smart Compose-integration in the making

Gmail Smart Compose-update

Earlier this year introduced Google already has Smart Compose for the browser version of Gmail. It is a handy feature for frequent mailers: instead of the full-text typing, Google will show you suggestions based on commonly used phrases. The function is now also rolled out to the Gmail app on smartphones, although it can take some time before you Smart Compose on your device.

The yesterday announced Google Pixel 3 gets the feature first, and that smartphone is not officially sold in the Netherlands. Other smartphones will get the feature from 2019’, says the zoekbedrijf. A more precise date is missing, and we also don’t know or like all the other devices to turn to.

So does Smart Compose

Smart Compose is in fact an advanced version of the auto-suggest feature is now on every smartphonetoetsenbord. Gmail looks at your typgedrag and then halfway through the tapping of a sentence, a suggestion of how the phrase probably ends.

You type ‘How a’, then know Gmail that you probably ‘How are you?’ mean, and you only need to right swipe across the screen to the rest of the sentence to complete it. Enter ” My address is’, then can Gmail even your complete address already-complete to save time.

Until today, that was Smart Compose only available in English, but the company now also has a Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese version is announced. Plans for a Dutch version are still unknown; most probably it is only at its earliest in the course of 2019 are available.

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