Tip: new Chromecast from tomorrow available in the Netherlands


Tip: nieuwe Chromecast vanaf morgen leverbaar in Nederland

The updated Chromecast yesterday quietly announced, is now at the first Dutch web shop available. The device is in Bol.com on sale for 39 euro, that already tomorrow be delivered to you if you order today.

New Chromecast release: now on sale

The third generation Chromecast was already in the Google Store to order, but this is subject to a delivery time of several days. Webshops Bol.com the hdmi dongle is now also in range and directly in stock. You can order the new Chromecast today before 23.59 hours, then you ‘m to-morrow in the house. The price is 39 euros, the same price as the previous model.

→ Order the new Chromecast at Bol.com for 39 euro

The expectation is that the Chromecast in the coming days when more and more Dutch merchants appears. The previous version is at the time of writing is still widely available, but in the short term be replaced by the newest variant. Is expected to you can the the new model before the end of the month to buy anywhere.

This brings improved Chromecast

The latest Chromecast looks virtually the same as its predecessor, though the shiny casing is replaced by a matte finish. What is new is that now also a white version, which is your living room a little more color. The device is via the short hdmi cable provided with your tv connected, then you can easily from all sorts of apps videos can stream.

Chromecast 2018 officieel

In addition, the third generation, 15 percent faster, and you can see videos now in 1080p (full hd) at 60 frames per second playback. The device has a micro-usb connector, but does the magnetic connection on the hdmi plug. Also the internet speed is improved, making streaming faster and smoother. Finally, the latest Chromecast support for multiroom audio.

Also interesting: this was announced during Made by Google 2018

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