Video: Made by Google 2018 summarized in four minutes


Made by Google 2018 there on. The techgigant showed many new products, of the Google Pixel 3 to the Home Hub. Do you want all of the announcements just passing by but you have not an hour and a half to the back to look, then there is this summary of four minutes.

Made by Google 2018 summary

In the video above through nearly all announcements in rap tempo the revue. Were central, of course, the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the new smartphones of the zoekbedrijf equipped with improved cameras. But also the Pixel Slate, a tablet that is also a laptop can be used was highlighted. In addition, hopes Google the living room to conquer with the Home Hub, a smart speaker with a screen.

Made by Google 2018 samenvatting

For Dutch Google fans, the evening was still a bit of a disappointment. On the Chromecast after come none of the shown products, namely officially to the Netherlands. If you want a Pixel 3 in the house, you can happy probably go to webshops that device via the grey imports offer.

Chromecast 3 and Google Home for the Netherlands

Two announcements from yesterday are missing in the video. So popped up after the event suddenly improved Chromecast at some online stores. Earlier in the day, Google also finally got a Dutch release for the Home and Home Mini known. About both news items you find of course more on Android Planet. We also have a round-up Made by Google 2018 in text form.

Do you want all the announcements in detail, and you have ample time, then you can of course also the full press conference to look back via the video above. The presentation begins after about 22 minutes.

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