You Google Home can now all speak English


Je Google Home kan vanaf nu al Nederlands spreken

Officially is Google Home only as from 24 October for sale in the Netherlands, but the smart speaker now appears to be our language to speak. A handful of imported specimens may on English.

Google Home English setting, you do so

Although the Google Home actually only at the end of this month in the Netherlands, is the speaker, of course, already for a longer time to sale in neighbouring countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom. Interested users are now required to have English at their speaker to speak, but that is changing fast. Faster than expected, apparently. Even for the Dutch Google Home release is the option already available for existing users, as discovered Androidworld.

Google Home Nederlands instellen

An informer of the site reports since today the Dutch language to be able to set. The option is as follows:

  1. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone;
  2. Open the settings;
  3. Select ‘Preferences’ and then ‘Language Assistant’;
  4. Press “add A language” and select “Dutch (Netherlands)” in the list that appears;

The feature is gradually being rolled out, and is still not available for everyone. The Google Home to the editors of Android Planet speaks, for example, still only English. Probably the Dutch language within a few days for everyone available, for the official release of the Home itself.

Google Home Nederlands instellen

The zoekbedrijf announced yesterday a new design for the Google Home app. That makes it easier to other devices in the house to operate. So you can now directly from the Home app your lights on and off, or the thermostat control. The app can of course also still used to your Chromecast or Home to operate.

→ Download Google Home in Google Play (free)

Google Home will soon be for sale in the Netherlands

From the 24th of October both speakers for sale in the Netherlands. The Google Home costs 149 euros, the Home Mini has a suggested retail price of 59 euros. The speakers are available at Albert Heijn,, Coolblue, MediaMarkt and the online Google Store.

On your smartphone, you can since this summer is already a Dutch talk at the Google Assistant. By ‘OK Google’ to say while your phone is unlocked, you can ask questions and issue commands. There are already several options that are specific for the Dutch market added. So, you can listen to the latest NOS News, or to the offers of this week at the Albert Heijn questions.

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