Chromecast-tips-week 41: the best of Play Movies, YouTube and Video


Chromecast-tips week 41: het beste van Play Films, YouTube en Videoland

A Chromecast is useful, but what to look or listen you? With our weekly tips, we recommend you films, series, podcasts and more on to stream. In our Chromecast tips from week 41 among others, Ocean’s 8, and Heavyweight.

Chromecast-tips-week 41: Ocean’s 8 and Heavyweight

With a Chromecast in your tv or a Chromecast Audio in your speaker watch and listen your media from your smartphone, in better quality. That is useful, but you have to know what you need to look and listen. In addition to our monthly Netflix-tips we have, therefore, also a weekly, Chromecast-tips. Herein we give some of the current look – and luistertips. Both free and paid services. Also, Check out the editions from previous weeks below.

  • 40: Tokidoki, Impulse and Cat
  • 39: Serial, Dancer, and Love, Simon
  • 38: Solo and Cobra Kai
  • 37: A Quiet Place and I leave
  • 36: Roasts, Neighbor and Neighbor, and Ilse DeLange

1. Watching: Ocean’s 8

It is time for a new batch of thieves in Ocean’s 8. Debbie Ocean, played by Sandra Bullock, is the sister of master thief Danny Ocean and the last couple of years in jail. She had all the time to an elaborate heist to remember. Now they are free is just the right women to find this plan. The result is a fun movie full of twists, with, among others, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Rihanna.

Find Ocean’s 8 in the Play Store via this link. The film look you have on your Android device with the Google Play Movies app. The film you buy for 13,99 euro.

→ Download Google Play Movies Google Play (free)

2. Listen: Heavyweight (podcast)

In the podcast Heavyweight helps producer Jonathan Goldstein with relatively small problems. He does this entirely at his own clumsy way. There is just a new season started and the first episode (episode 16 of the entire podcast) is an excellent starting point. It is true crime, but very small. Rob claims that he used his arm broken, while his entire family says no. Who is right?

chromecast-tips week 41

The podcast you can find in our favorite podcast app, Pocket Casts via this link. This app can be found through the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download Pocket Casts in the Google Play (2,99€)

3. Watch: Trust Me (Videoland)

Actress Jodie Whittaker shines now in the latest season of the British series Doctor Who as The Doctor. This is in the Netherlands only live through the BBC to look. To wait some more bearable, you can. Trust Me on Videoland look with Whittaker in the lead role. This series is about a sister who had her job to lose, the identity of a doctor steals, and a new life with her daughter start.

Trust Me, you look through the Videoland app. The app can be found through the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download App in Google Play (free)

4. Listen: Novastar – In the Cold Light of Monday (Spotify)

Joost Zweegers is back as Novastar. The in Belgium living Dutchman with his debut album such a good album delivered, that he since then has not been able to improve or even match. Now he makes a new attempt with In the Cold Light of Monday. Or in the vicinity of his old work you decide for yourself, but the songs are beautiful and the album listens in a nice way.

→ Download Spotify in Google Play (free)

5. Watch: Anne+ (YouTube)

Anne goes for the first time, living alone in Amsterdam. While the boxes wake up and pull open, she thinks back to all her previous relationships. All the girls in the end nothing has become. The result is a fine series with short episodes that you through YouTube watching. The first episode is below.

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