Google Maps for Android Auto is updated: 4 improvements in a row


Google Maps voor Android Auto is vernieuwd: 4 verbeteringen op een rij

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Google Maps for Android Auto is updated and looks clearer and fresher. These 4 things you should know about the improved navigation service.

Google Maps Android Car Material Theme design

Google has in the past been busy updating its Android apps. Both the Calculator, Contacts and Calendar apps have been recently in a fresh twist. Android Car programs see, by contrast, for years almost the same. Until now. Google Maps is updated and looks quite different. You need to know.

1. New format

First is the layout of the start menu customized. For example, the search bar is moved to the left, and the traffic status icons, such as the time and your battery level, to the right. The microphone icon is not of puts exchanged. The button to the setup menu “floats” now the bottom left corner of the screen.




2. Material Theme

In addition, Google has the Material Theme design to Maps. This is the font changed, there is more space used and looks quite a lot fresher. During the drive you see in a glance where you should go.

3. More choices

Also the content is changed. The settings menu shows now, for example, more recent locations, you can immediately save it in a personal list. You can also have a ‘wish list’ to build places that you could ever want to visit, such as an attraction or city.

4. Small adjustments

Finally, Google has also a few small things adjusted. For example, it has setup a different sequence. This allows you to directly view satellite imagery turn on without the menu scrolling.

The new Google Maps for Android Auto will roll from now on for all users. It is a phased roll-out: it can take a few weeks before your version is updated. No sense for this to wait? Then Download the Google Maps apk file. Android Auto is officially not available in the Netherlands, so this should be a apk file download.

→ Download Google Maps in Google Play (free)

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