Intermediate: this is the state of Wear OS in 2018


Tussenstand: dit is de staat van Wear OS in 2018

Four years after the introduction of Android Wear, a lot has changed on Googles smartwatch operating system. There are many models appeared, the software has been improved and a new processor should be future watches. This is the state of Google’s Wear OS in 2018.

Wear OS: the software that slow is better

In 2014 brought Google’s own smartwatch operating system. Android Wear had a revolution of smart watches unleash and Android popular to the wrist. In the first years there were a lot of smartwatch and Google brought regular updates that the software is better made.

So it worked Android Wear originally only with Android smartphones, but in 2015 made Google the software is also compatible with iOS. This was also for iPhone users be interesting to have an Android Wear smartwatch to buy.

android wear 2.0-problemen

In 2017 was the operating system two major updates, namely version 2.0 of Android Wear and a Oreo-update with numerous improvements. Nice, but the software updates came often with great delay from and were then all sorts of small and big bugs.

In march of 2018 performed a Google a change of name by: Android Wear is now called ‘Wear OS by Google. The main reason for the new name is to make it clear that the smartwatch with the iPhone work. In 2017, had one on the three Wear OS watches linked to an iPhone.

Wear OS-update 2018

A few months later suggested the Google Wear OS 2.1 is available, that version 2.0 from 2017 succeeded. The new software has a different design that is intended to speed important information to show. Moreover, you also get after a swipe to the right now, a Google Assistant overview with information about your calendar appointments, news and weather. Finally, contains a Wear OS 2.1, the new Google Fit app to sports activities.

New Qualcomm processor improves smartwatch

Chipmaker Qualcomm has an important role in the development of Android Wear. In 2016, the company got with the Wear 2100-chip, created specifically for the smartwatch. Almost all of the Android Wear watches that have since been published, use this processor.

And although Qualcomm over the past two years, the current band smartphonechips released, left a successor for the Wear 2100 to wait for that. In september 2018 came finally in the form of the Wear 3100.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100

First of all, the Wear 3100-chip is more energy-efficient than its predecessor, allowing you to watch longer. Qualcomm promises a five-hour long battery life. Another improvement is the added co-processor, which works at times when you the smartwatch is not in active use. This allows a longer standby time possible.

Qualcomm hint in addition to support for always-on listening watch, that directly responds to voice commands via Google Assistant. At this time you have the Assistant app to open on your smartwatch, then you can talk. If that extra action in the (near) future is not necessary, that the user-friendliness of the Wear OS.

Wear OS-update Google Assistant

Another nice improvement is that Qualcomm finally his sensors open to other manufacturers. In a smartwatch there is a variety of sensors, for example, a pedometer and heart rate monitor. That all belong to the Qualcomm chip, and Wear 2100 processor were other parties cannot access the information from these sensors. The Wear 3100 puts an end to this, so that the manufacturer of the smartwatch, if desired, more data at his disposal.

The fifth and last improvement is that all watches with a Wear-3100-chip to directly run on the latest Wear OS software. Models with a 2100 chip by the manufacturer to be updated, so you don’t directly work with the new operating system.

What do the manufacturers Wear OS?

With the launch of Android Wear were LG and Motorola are the first manufacturers that such a smartwatch would ship. Later, also known techmerken, such as Huawei and ASUS, with Android Wear-watches. After two or three generations was, however, silent, and left many parties to know the sales figures so disappointed, that they won’t with the new Android Wear smartwatch would come.

Went Android Wear is a silent, slow death? A moment it seemed there, until Google announced that a number of traditional watchmakers working on Android Wear smartwatch. And indeed: in the next few months brought many well-known brands such models. Of Armani, Fossil and Diesel up Tag Heuer, Casio and Hugo Boss, all they came up with cheaper and more expensive smartwatch running Android Wear – later, Wear OS.

pixel watch uitgesteld

There are long been rumors that Google is working to own the Wear OS smartwatch. The well-known elektronicalekker Evan Blass (@Evleaks) tweette in may 2018, for example: “in Addition to the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL-and second-generation Pixel Buds, says a reliable source to me, with great confidence, that Google’s fall hardware event also includes a smartwatch introduces the Pixel-brand.” In september, a month before the event, let Google know that this year there will be no Google-watch. If and when such a smartwatch then appears, is currently unclear.

In the year 2018 selling many traditional watch brands still Wear OS smartwatch with Fossil as the driving force behind. The original tech to keep themselves on the plain on new models, but at this time there seem to be no evidence that, for example, Huawei or ASUS is working on a new Wear OS watch. LG remains convinced of the platform and brought in October 2018 with a new model, W7.

Samsung shows Wear OS (still) left

Four years after the introduction of the Wear OS, there are many manufacturers who have one or more of these smart watches have been released. On the other hand, there are also a number of brands that are (logically) nothing with Wear OS. The best known example is Apple, that has its own Apple Watches, iOS sells.


But Samsung, the biggest Android-smartphonemaker, let Wear OS in 2018 still left. The company brings years already own smartwatch that run on the self-designed Tizen operating system. In the summer of 2018 it seemed that the latest Samsung watch Wear OS was going to use, but that rumor turned out not to be correct. The Galaxy Watch that shortly after that was revealed, running ‘just’ on Tizen.

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