LG V40 ThinQ: prices, specifications, review and videos


LG V40 ThinQ

Scherm6.4 inchCamera12 megapixel

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You need to know about the LG V40 ThinQ

The LG V40 ThinQ is a high-end Android smartphone in the autumn of 2018 is presented. The device has a large display, powerful hardware and no less than five cameras. At the front are two, behind even three. You can the V40 ThinQ to see if a bigger and better version of the G7 ThinQ that in the spring of 2018 came out.

Pros LG V40 ThinQ


  • Large display is very suitable for videos and games
  • Five cameras for many camera features
  • Supports high quality audio

Cons LG V40 ThinQ


  • Because of its size, it is difficult with one hand

Distinctive: five cameras

LG V40 officieel

More and more smartphones have two cameras on the back. The LG V40 ThinQ does there even further, and features three cameras on the back. The primary 12-megapixel camera makes the default photos and videos. There is also a telephoto lens with a resolution of 12 megapixel with which you can zoom in without any loss of quality. This feature you will find on the OnePlus 5 and Apple iPhone’s.

The third V40 ThinQ-camera is a 16 megapixel wide-angle lens. With this camera you can make a much bigger of the environment on the photograph. LG put such a wide angle lens, also on older smartphones such as the G7 ThinQ and V30.

The front of the LG V40 ThinQ are also two cameras, designed for better selfies. Together, the front cameras namely to take photos with a bokeh effect, where the background blurs and you more comes to the fore.

The display of the V40 ThinQ is 6.4 inch on the large side, which makes the phone more difficult with only one hand to operate. The razor-sharp qhd display has the top of a scherminkeping (notch) where the sensors and the front camera’s hidden behind it. Just as its predecessor, the V40 ThinQ an oled display that is more energy-efficient and a better contrast than an lcd screen.