Samsung Galaxy A9 preview: many cameras for too much money


Samsung Galaxy A9 preview: veel camera’s voor te veel geld

The Samsung Galaxy A9 is the world’s first smartphone with four cameras on the back. Is this how Samsung the Galaxy A-series to a higher level, or is it mostly a gimmick?

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Cameras are an increasingly important reason to for a particular device. With raw power, great batteries, or unique software to find out manufacturers are no longer distinguished, and therefore, there is a veritable race to arise on cameragebied. Samsung hopes this autumn to coincide with the Galaxy A9, up to five cameras: one in front and four behind.

In a world in which dual cameras are the norm, it draws in each and every case the attention. But: does it work well? Android Planet tried the Galaxy A9 recently a morning. In this preview you can read our first impressions with the device.

Samsung Galaxy A9 preview

Night-time pictures, bokeh, optical zoom and wide-angle lens

Three of the four lenses are also on the Galaxy A7, which we recently discussed. The lenses all have their own function. The primary lens 24 megapixel has been optimized for better photos in low-light situations. Then there is a wide-angle lens of 8-megapixel, the image of 120 degrees wide, shoot. For instance you can have a panorama shoot without your smartphone to turn. It is also a 5 megapixel camera, which is used to create a bokeh effect to add.

New for the Galaxy A9 is a telefotolens of 10 megapixel, 2x optical zoom offers. This allows you to significantly zoom in without losing quality in the image. Unfortunately, it has not worked during my test. The A9 was running on preliminary software and did only digital zoom, not optical zoom. The problem is solved for the final release of the A9 at the beginning of november, so policyholders Samsung employees our.

Unfortunately the end result – regardless of mode – is still not particularly impressive. The Galaxy A9 shoot still relatively dull photos in low-light situations. Indoor photos I took were soon moved. Take you to the outside, it looks nice, but it is not as colorful as, for example, on the Galaxy S9. Perhaps a longer test me knows to convince, but I was not greatly impressed by the photos that the A9 does.

Samsung Galaxy A9 preview

They are really nice for social media, but splashes are not usually off the screen. That you see, for example, in portrait photos with bokeh-camera shoots. To Zoom in, then it appears that the A9 sometimes has trouble distinguishing foreground and background. This is the top of your hair or a piece of your ear and also sometimes suddenly blurred. A cheap device is still acceptable, but not as a unit with the price of the Galaxy A9.

Smooth with finger print scanner on the side

In addition to the camera, there are also some other differences in the Galaxy A9 compared to the A7. So, this model has a slightly better chipset, the Snapdragon 660. In practice, you experience that difference, however, hardly. During our short test ran apps smoothly and quickly. For the performance you need the extra money to not have to give.

Outside of the cameras to the A9 motorway a fairly traditional midrange smartphone. The housing is a combination of glass and metal, which are mainly very light to the touch. With a thickness of only 7.8 millimeters is the A9 anyway pretty slim. It is a bit of a pity that it is not foolproof: that feature saves Samsung for its more expensive smartphones.

Remarkable: the finger print scanner of the samsung Galaxy A7 is integrated in the power button on the side. Sony experimented a few years ago, and now it seems Samsung this to embrace. On the first glance works the scanner as fast as a traditional model, all you need to the first time setup soon twenty times key to a good scan. And if you’re left-handed, then it is quite difficult to make the on/off button touch.

Conclusion Samsung Galaxy A9 preview

All in all, the Samsung is a great device, that certainly would be able to compete with other medium cars as the Huawei P Smart Plus and Nokia 7.1. Unfortunately, it asks Samsung a much higher retail price than that of competitors: less than 599 euros. That is almost double that of the Galaxy A7, which at some stores already for around 330 euros. It is even more expensive than the Galaxy S9, which is under the 600 euro fell.

How Samsung away think to come up with that high price, is also not entirely clear. The improvements of the Galaxy A9 compared to the A7 are pretty limited, in any case, certainly not enough to be a price difference of over 200 euro to justify. With its current retail price is the A9 motorway located between the top models of the moment, and as well are that four cameras well not.

Better still: just as with the Galaxy A7, it feels like the extra cameras, especially a marketinggimmick. The photos are fine, but certainly not great. It is a Swiss army knife in terms of functionality, with all the options that you have in a smart phone camera would like. In practice, the blades themselves to the bone to always be effective.

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