Test: Jeep Cherokee 2019


Review Jeep Cherokee 2.2 diesel AWD Limited

October 11, 2018

Text and photos: Bob Kroese


  • striking facelift

  • larger trunk

  • redesigned diesel engine

Since 1974, makes the Cherokee nation, part of the Jeep range. The car has had many different shapes: square, round, bonkig, streamlined. The current generation is that last one, especially, with its pinched headlights. That now make place for larger instances, with which the Cherokee again a somewhat tough feel. Quieter, cleaner, more modern and safer are other qualifications that the brand blamed on the new model. Sounds good, right? On the Italian island of Sicily, I go on – and off-road with the latest edition.

Do you know the first generation of the Cherokee yet? That tough, unyielding car with its huge chrome grille is now a beloved classic. If you are there, the Cherokee nation, now in addition to then you will see that quite a lot has changed. There are also things remained. Lots of chrome, for example, but also the tough name and the terreinkwaliteiten. But times have changed, certainly for the Cherokee. An SUV is there now, especially on the road.


Striking nose of the outgoing edition, the special, two-piece headlights, you can characterize as smaakgevoelig. Or daring, striking, distinctive… anyway, in the Jeep they found that it was all a little less exotic may be, and, therefore, the redesigned Cherokee normal headlamps, where the led daytime running lights integrated into it. To the rear there are new light clusters and number plate from the bumper to the tailgate moved. The color front bumpers beschermingsranden get the look up further. The new nose is in the beginning just to get used to, but once you have the two versions of the Cherokee next to each other then convinces the latest version with a more modern, more stylish appearance. Chic yes, no tough off-road vehicle, but a stylish SUV.

Chic is not the term that goes for the interior, functional is a better description. Large buttons and a simple design had the Cherokee already there and changes the addition of some new glimmers nothing. The top layer of the dashboard is made of soft-touch plastic.


The large seats offer a pleasant sitting in, the setting of the handlebars and seat for long people just enough. In the back there is enough space, there is nothing changed. The trunk, however, changed, by the baggage smarter shape has Jeep 70 litres of extra space created. The new content of 570 litres, I can be described as segmentconform.


Jeep installs the latest version of the Uconnect system in the new Cherokee. The novelties are ‘m especially in the extra features, such as support of smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The screen is sharp, responds quickly to touches and shows a lot of information. Maybe a little too much, because the layout is very busy.

The Cherokee is further upgraded with new driver assistance systems, most of which are standard on all models. Semi-autonomous driving the SUV yet, but auto parking within the lines remain and will automatically keep away. Important: the new features work well. Only the dodehoeksensor may still something better has to be adjusted, because after each inhaalactie, I am treated to a sound signal.


The new 2.0 petrol engine is not available during the introduction in Sicily, which is later added to the range. I’m going to (so) on the road with a diesel engine, the 2.2 MultiJet with 195 hp and a nice 450 Nm of torque. The engine has been updated and now meets the most stringent emission requirements, but is, as before, a little noisy when accelerating. Speed is of the Cherokee nation, just nice and quiet, thanks to the improved insulation. This noises very well from the cabin, and more. Because of the hilly testroute the consumption is on the high side: 1 10.8.

Wíl I actually do off-road with these shiny SUV?

The software of the negentraps machine is re-calibrated and that you notice. The automatic transmission selects the switching points better, so that there is more tranquility in the driveline. The shifting is smooth and fast enough. However, the technique at some moments slightly more alert response. What very good is: when going down keeps the gearbox in a lower gear, so the car engine brakes.

The Cherokee runs fine. Jeep has the suspension been modified slightly, bumps are now slightly less fast passed. The tilting continues in turns, happy, yet always within the limits. The control is furnished partly on unpaved roads to provide comfort, but in doing so you miss out on paved surfaces a bit of a ‘feeling’ with what the front wheels are doing. You can’t have everything…

It is time to get the Jeep site. Equally, there is doubt, because wíl I actually do off-road with these shiny SUV? What if there are overhanging branches, which may damage the beautiful, in color front bumpers in ‘protective’borders? I look again at the logo on the steering wheel and let that thought quickly sail again. I drive a Jeep, damn it to hell! And I am in Sicily, where the most beautiful views in secluded spots to find. Nestled between the fields are beautiful gravelpaden, where the Cherokee easy to pass. The rain of the previous night, has deep puddles left behind, that the offroad feel complete. Okay, 80 percent of the route, can I use a Ford Fiesta to travel, but the ease with which the Cherokee the most difficult pieces badly is impressive. And to think that this is just a ‘simple’ Cherokee is, without all kinds of advanced terreinsnufjes.


The prices of the new Cherokee are still not known. The dieselversies have a relatively high CO2-emissions, so that will have an impact on the BPM-load and therefore on the selling price. The new petrol engine is substantially more fuel efficient and cleaner than the old straight six, so it is expected that the petrol Cherokee (much) more accessible.


The Cherokee is actually a Jeep for people who have no Jeep needed. That you will immediately see, this car exudes luxury. Yes, if you get the right options added you can of the Cherokee, a genuine off road vehicle, but that is not what most buyers do. The brand offers these possibilities because a Jeep is always the most capable off-roader in its segment. But only if you want. That the number of versions with only front wheel drive is extended actually says enough about how the brand is the Cherokee position: as a luxury SUV.

I step out of. The aqueous sunrise seems to be weak on the special folds in the sheet metal. Yes, it remains a special car, which is Cherokee. Eccentric, and actually quite chic. I take a look at the bumpy path where I just got a reed. The luxury SUV is dirty from the muddy outing. The brown splashes, I would be on every Jeep as a capital gain, but the Cherokee? No. I will as soon as possible to the car wash. Because shiny is this Jeep the most.