Fortnite for Android now for everyone playable: you should download the hitgame


Fortnite voor Android nu voor iedereen speelbaar: zo download je de hitgame

The popular game Fortnite is to play from now on all Android smartphones. Android Planet shows you how to do the game downloads and installs.

Fortnite for Android now playable for everyone

Last August came the Fortnite beta for Android. The battle royale-game was invitation-only to play. Now, a few months later, all the creases ironed out and the game is available for everyone.

So download Fortnite on your Android smartphone:

  1. Go on your Android phone to the website of Epic Games, the developer of the game;
  2. Tap on ‘Get started’ and then ‘Download’;
  3. Wait until the apk file is downloaded, and press ‘Install’;
  4. Give any consent for the installation of unknown apps;
  5. The game now starts with download.

fortnite android-toestellen

This may take some time, because the game is almost 2GB in size. So make sure you have the app only download if you are connected to wi-fi. You can game on any smartphone to install, but make sure that your phone is powerful enough to run it on. Is this not the case? Your Android fixed, or starts to falter. Check the website of Epic Games for the specifications.

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Why is Fortnite is not in Google Play?

Most apps take you effortlessly from the Play Store, without with apk files in the need. Why is this necessary in Fortnite? The developer said in August that in this way a direct link with fans is built up.

We suspect, however, that it mainly has to do with money. Fortnite is a free to play game and earn money by offering in-app purchases, such as new attributes for your character. Normally eat Google a percentage of the profits, because the app is downloaded via the Play Store.

By the game outside of the Play Store, save the maker of Fortnite a lot of money. This is not without risk, however: immediately after hatching appeared multiple nepversies of Fortnite in Google Play.

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