Explanation: your new Chromecast setup in 7 steps


Uitleg: zelf je nieuwe Chromecast instellen in 7 stappen

Recently, an improved Chromecast in the shops. With the handy media player watch your Netflix, YouTube, or NPO, Start on any tv. This is how to get the new Chromecast can set.

New Chromecast setup: how it works

Although there are more and more players appear on the market, the Chromecast is one of the finest ways to get internet videos on your tv screen. The small device is inexpensive, provides support for many services and is also easy to set up. Recently, Google release a new version of Chromecast, which is just slightly faster than the previous model.

In our Chromecast review, writes Wouter, it’s only a small upgrade, but it is still a gadget is to keep an eye out. “The new Chromecast introduces no major improvements, but retains the ease of use of its predecessors”. Are you tack and you have him in-house? Follow the steps below for the Chromecast.

Chromecast instellen

  1. Connect the hdmi cable from the Chromecast to the hdmi port of your tv;
  2. Next, make sure that your Chromecast enough power. With most modern tv’s is enough to make the attached usb cable to connect to your television. That doesn’t work, then you can take the Chromecast with the included power adapter from your ac outlet providing power;
  3. Turn on your television, and go to the channel for the hdmi port to which the Chromecast is connected;
  4. Download the Google Home app (for Android or iOS) on your smartphone or tablet, and open it;
  5. If you start to link, is there a code on your tv and in the app are displayed. You should only choose “agree” if the codes match, then you know for sure that you are not the wrong Chromecast set;
  6. Choose a wi-fi network to the Chromecast to use. Make sure that the network always has sufficient range and speed, otherwise you can Chromecast not or only with low resolution stream;
  7. Then, the Home app you have a brief explanation about how everything works, while in the background, everything for you is set. After less than a minute you can with your Chromecast to get started.

So you can cast with your smartphone

Once everything is set? Then you can instantly start casting and streaming. That is, fortunately, simple. Open the video or audio app that you have on your television trying to play, such as Netflix, Videoland or Spotify. Then press the Cast icon in the app; typically above and to the right. Then you get a list with all devices in the vicinity, where you can stream, including probably your Chromecast. Select him, and the video start to play.

I don’t have Chromecast? Through our hundred you will find the best deals for cheap media player. Note: if you want 4K video stream, then you need the slightly more expensive Chromecast Ultra buy. And if you want music cast to speakers, then there is the Chromecast Audio.

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