WhatsApp gets a ‘vacation mode’ to select, on a journey to


WhatsApp krijgt ‘vakantiemodus’ om ongestoord op reis te gaan

Relax on vacation is going to be difficult if WhatsApp you continuously bother with notifications. A new vacation mode is messages conscious to stop it.

This is the new WhatsApp vacation mode

Although the WhatsApp-vacation mode has not yet been officially announced, the feature already discovered in a beta of the app by WABetainfo. The mode works as follows: as soon as you hit him with a switch to turn on, you can specific messages and conversations hide. This will disappear then out of your list, and new messages do not cause the call to your attention.

WhatsApp vakantiemodus

This makes it for example easy to have a conference call with colleagues about work-related matters for a week to silent when you go on vacation. Together with the vacation mode is a Silent Mode has been developed. This hides the red number on the app icon when you receive a notification of a conversation that you set to silent.

Because the functions to be tested, it is difficult to estimate when we can get to work. The feature fits nicely into the trend that we this year from a lot of other tech to see: the awareness of the smartphonegebruik.

Aware of how to deal with your smartphone

By way of example, Instagram also has a feature to see how much you use the app and Google registers your smartphone-use with the new Digital Wellbeing-function. That should you as a user to increase the awareness of the time you can with your smartphone spend.

The timing for the arrival of all these features is no coincidence, because more and more people (including large holders) begin to worry about the effect of smartphones on the development of children.

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