Preview: this 5 smartphone innovations we expect in 2019


Vooruitblik: deze 5 smartphone-innovaties verwachten we in 2019

Smartphones this year, with slightly bigger screens, better cameras and faster processors. Fun, but no major innovations. 2019 promises to be happy more interesting to be. Android Planet put five innovations in a row that we see in smartphones in 2019.

New features in smartphones in 2019

The sale of smartphones is dropping, and there are manufacturers, of course, not happy. Studies show that consumers more with their phone, because it still performs well and the latest model is not innovative enough. Smartphonemakers work on five innovations, in the hope that you will next year have a new smartphone are going to buy.

1. 5G-support

5G is the successor of 4G and is much faster mobile internet as possible. In addition, the 5G network has a higher bandwidth, making your connection fast and stable at busy locations such as a stadium or airport.

Providers are experimenting with 5G in the Netherlands, but 5G networks are not there yet. T-Mobile promises in 2020, a nationwide 5G network.

OnePlus 5G-smartphones

That would be nice, because next year will appear the first 5G smartphones. Among others, Huawei, Honor, OnePlus, ZTE, and Samsung working on 5G phones by 2019 appear. Xiaomi announced in October the first 5G smartphone, a special version of the Mi Mix 3. This unit is also only the beginning of 2019. OnePlus claims to be the first manufacturer to be that a 5G-unit sells in Europe.

Do you want to know more about 5G? In this article, we answer the 5 most important questions about 5G in the Netherlands.

2. Security using 3D face recognition

The iPhone X introduced in 2017 is a revolutionary method for the smartphone: 3D face recognition using an array of sensors. This method appears to be quick and accurate to work, even in the dark. On Android phones was 3D face recognition yet. Smartphones are to unlock via a quick scan with the front camera, but that is unsafe and does not work well in the dark.

Fortunately, telefoonmakers started with ‘Apples’ and in the summer of 2018 are the first Android devices with 3D face recognition was released. Xiaomi and Oppo were there for the entertainment, followed by the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Which has the same sensors as the new iPhone XS, but unlock something faster.

It is obvious that next year, more Android phones such advanced face detection get. The necessary parts are on an ever greater scale and cheaper, so that manufacturers will be more attractive for the feature in their devices. They also need to hurry though, because the main rival of Apple’s book success with it. Moreover, it appears from research that many users face recognition is a pleasant method to find their device secure.

3. Foldable phones

The biggest innovation that we have in the smartphones in 2019 are going to see, even a revolution to be called. The telephone as we know it now, rectangular and flat, has a very different design.

Manufacturers are working hard behind the scenes on a foldable smartphones, which expanded also if tablet use. The first foldable phone is sourced from Europe unknown Royole and at the end of this year in the sale.

Samsung is coming soon with his first folding smartphone, even though it is still unknown whether it is a prototype or a commercial device. According to persistent rumors presents LG at the consumer electronics show CES a foldable phone. The CES is in early January. Around that time, there could also be a folding Huawei smartphone come true.

4. Finger print scanner below the screen

Next year, we protect our smartphones not only through advanced facial recognition, but also by our finger on the phone screen. There appear more and more devices with a finger print scanner below the screen. Such a scanner is invisible and works as follows: if you put your finger on the screen, reflects light.

The scanner under the screen captures the light and creates a very accurate image of. After setting the scanner, it compares your finger with the stored image. That two match, then unlock your device.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro preview

Vivo, a brand that is not active in the Netherlands, launched at the beginning of this year the first smartphone with a scanner below the display. In the autumn appeared also in the Netherlands the first phones with such a scanner: the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and OnePlus 6T. The devices distinguish themselves with this feature, but the question is for how long.

Lenovo and Honor to bring shortly to their first devices with a scanner under the screen. And Oppo, a zustermerk of OnePlus, in the Netherlands, with the competitively priced RX17 Neo, which is also a scanner below the display.

In 2019 get a lot more smartphones a finger print scanner below the screen, so we dare to imagine. The persistent rumor is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 about such a scanner is going to have, and it is likely that, for example, Huawei and OnePlus again next year models with a scanner below the display release.

5. More cameras, memory and storage space

In addition to great innovations such as 5G-support and revolutionary foldable smartphones, stay manufacturers their devices will also improve. Also on cameragebied, so that you are more beautiful photos and videos shoot. Brands try this is to be achieved through more cameras in their phones. In 2018, the first smartphones with three and four cameras on the back cast, where each camera has a different function.

So can the Huawei Mate 20 (Pro) wide-angle pictures, a depth of field effect to create, and several times to zoom in without any loss of quality. Samsung provides these features on the Galaxy A7 and A9, phones, with, respectively, three and four cameras on the back. Expected to appear next year more smartphones with many cameras and their capabilities. Maybe there is even a model with five or more cameras, we wonder what additional features it is still possible.

Samsung Galaxy A9 officieel

Phones are getting faster, so the smartphones in 2019 get more powerful chipsets than their predecessors. Manufacturers put more ram in their devices. Last year was a 6GB limit, but this year appeared the phones of, among others, OnePlus, and Samsung with 8GB ram.

And the end is not yet in sight. The first smartphone with 10GB of memory is presented in the form of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Next year there will undoubtedly be more models with that much memory. Whether you are actually difference noted in comparison with a device with 6GB or 8GB, is the big question.

The story of more and more ram also goes for storage. Last year was the 64GB internal storage is customary in premium smartphones, but this year it is moved up to 128GB. There appear, moreover, more and more devices with 256GB or even 512GB of storage. It is therefore likely that the high-end phones of 2019 at least 128GB memory.

What innovations do you expect in smartphones in 2019? Let us know in the comments!