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Compact SUV soon, as well as hybrid available

6 november 2018

Ellen Kole

About the new Honda CR-V is a lot to tell, because the brand has done the best to the SUV at all levels. It is becoming more of a friends with everyone, especially now that Honda new target groups on the canvas by the compact cross-over to offer you with an extra row of seats, and as a hybrid. If you are interested, you can find everything about the new generation, which is currently at Honda dealers in the showroom to arrive.

In comparison with the outgoing model, the design of the new Honda CR-V is somewhat exuberant, the nose, the wide wheel arches and the specially designed rear light units which are located to the side heenvouwen. Still, it was stand out not Honda’s target: the brand mainly wanted a streamlined carriage drawing to calculate the fuel consumption and the driving noise to reduce. The improved aerodynamics also contribute features, such as the Active Shutter Grille system. This keeps the slats in the radiator grille as much as possible closed, so that the ambient air as little as possible disturbance caused. Only when needed, the slats open to air in the engine compartment to flow.

What Honda also has done, is the wheels to the corners to move. The increased wheelbase (now 2,66 metres either +40 mm) and width (35 mm increased to 2,12 meters) inure to the interior space for the passengers. Front get passengers additional head and heupruimte, back even 5 cm of extra legroom. By also the angle of the rear doors to make it larger is also the in and out easier. All positive changes, and there is still more.

The third row of seats optional

For the first time in the history of the CR-V, which is already since 1997 on the market, the possibility of a third row of seats to order. Thus the standard seating for five, expanded to seven. Honda has its best done the extra seats are comfortable, the backrest is not upright but at an angle of 101 degrees, and to ensure enough legroom. To the third row to reach the second row of 15 cm to be put forward.

Anyway, the CR-V about the flexible ‘dive down’ interieursysteem. Thus, for example, in a 60:40 ratio split back seat with one hand to be folded down to a flat loading floor. Up front, the seats feature four-fold lendensteunen and energy-saving heated seats.

The modified binnenverhoudingen also provide more cargo space in the SUV. The space of the proceed (561 litres of luggage) can, by chairs folded down, be increased to 1.123 liters. According to the brand there is a fairly large mountain bike. Stuff of 1.83 meters long and 1.80 in the seven-seater) also fit. Not only a flat floor is possible, the new bagagebodemplaat can also be lowered for the trunk-deeper laden. An optional hands-free power tailgate is optional. And what about the Stop-and-hold slimmigheidje that allows you to the tailgate during opening can freeze, so you are also under a low ceiling can load and unload?

Row – and off-road properties

The new CR-V stands on the same platform as the Honda Civic, known for its good road holding and grip. So the Japanese brand also the SUV more dynamic driving characteristics to give. Manoeuvrability, feedback and response are specifically tailored to the needs of European riders adjusted. The centre of gravity of the car is low. A new variable ratio steering system is part of the CR-V.

Honda also has the off-road properties of the four-wheel drive CR-V improved. Honda’s latest All Wheel Drive technology, with multiple clutch plates – listening to the name ‘Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System’ – is always looking for the optimal balance between performance, skills (on – and offroad), and safety. You can climb, for example, a slope than can be up to 60 percent of the torque to the rear wheels is transmitted, there is a fuel cut of 10 percent more traction available. During cruising on the highway to disconnect the system from the rear wheels. The AWD system takes the fuel consumption within the limits. So cuts both sides.

To in the grounds have room to play has Honda – with protective bottom plates, finished to – bottom 3.5 to 4.0 cm above the ground. The AWD (gasoline) is now up to 208 mm above the surface, the model year CR-V 191 mm. The new generation of cross-over is a maximum of 1,69 metres (AWD) high.

An advantage of the chassis design is that the CR-V less vibrations and sounds are transmitted. The increased silence is also due to the application of Active Noise Cancellation, a geluidsopheffend system based on reverse phase noise, ” or anti-sounds.

Petrol engine and CVT

The new 1.5 litre V-TEC turbo engine is cleaner and more economical than the 1.5-benzinekrachtbron of the outgoing CR-V, The turbo is adjusted to ensure adequate power to be able to generate. Maximum power is from 5.600 rpm available, and a tensile force of between 1,000 (or 2,000 with CVT) and 5,000 rpm. Eventually the newcomer about slightly better performance (sprint speed) than the previous generation CR-V. for now, the 1.5 V-TEC is the only available petrol engine, or is this in two vermogensversies to order.

The most powerful version, with 193 hp, always comes with CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and AWD. The CVT is re-designed for the VTEC. In comparison with ‘traditional CVT systems’ promises Honda smoother shifting and more direct transmission of speed, as if the car has been fitted with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. The CVT system is now programmed to be better and safer to jump to specific situations, such as descending a hill.

Motorization Honda CR-V 2019
Petrol Hybrid
Engine(s) 1.5 VTEC Turbo 1.5 VTEC Turbo 1.5 VTEC Turbo 2.0 i-VTEC and two electric motors 2.0 i-VTEC and two electric motors
Transmission 6-hand 6-hand CVT ‘fixed-gear’ ‘fixed-gear’
Drive front wheel All-Wheel Drive All-Wheel Drive front wheel All-Wheel Drive
Ability 173 hp 173 hp 193 hp 184 hp 184 hp
Torque 220 Nm 220 Nm 243 Nm 315 Nm 315 Nm
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 9,2 – 9,3 sec. 9,3 – 9,8 sec. 10.0 sec. n.n.b. n.n.b.
Top speed 210 km/h 208 km/h 200 km/h n.n.b. n.n.b.
Consumption* 6,3 l/100 km 6,6 l/100 km 7,1 l/100 km 5,3 l/100 km 5.5 l/100 km
CO2 emissions* 143 g/km 151 g/km 162 g/km 120 g/km 126 g/km

* according to NEDC 2.0-measurement method

Hybrid instead of diesel

A big change in the long existence of the CR-V is that it no longer will be available with diesel engines. Honda thinks the dieselrijders a good alternative to be able to offer in the form of the new hybrid CR-V. it is this year to order and is from the beginning of next year delivered.

The hybrid system Intelligent Multi-Mode (i-MMD) consists of a 2.0 i-VTEC petrol engine, two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery pack. In place of a conventional automatic transmission, the system allows use of a single, so-called ‘fixed-gear’ container between the moving parts. The torque would allow a smoother, more be transferred than with an e-CVT, according to Honda.

During the drive disables the i-MMD system to switch automatically between three different drive modes, in order to minimize fuel consumption. In EV Drive is no petrol, then drive the CR-V all-electric. This mode would, at a moderate speed, more than half of the time be chosen. In an urban environment is exchanged between the same mode and Hybrid Drive, with the petrol engine (with so-called Atkinson cycle for extra efficient consumption) assist. Which supplies current either to the second electric motor (as a boost), either at the battery (as a spare). The petrol engine can make the wheels driving, this happens in Engine Drive. For example, if the battery is empty. You will, therefore, not to stand still and stekkeren is not an issue. All changes are to follow through the Driver Information Interface (DII) on the dashboard, as was the case of the AWD status.

Cleaned up dashboard

The DII is the digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. The operation of most systems is done via the touchscreen next to or on the multifunction steering wheel. The few physical buttons that are left on the centre console are grouped. That gives a nice cleaned up feeling. With softer plastics and finishing in metallic and wood-look looks of the SUV inside a little nicer.

Honda’s Connect software (from the Elegance-spec’d) and it includes smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The new CR-V offers (also from Elegance) four USB outlets. Two of these are for the rear passengers, the CR-V is on all the travelers thought.

Safety standard

Honda chooses to all driver assistance systems that increase safety standard at each level of equipment to deliver. This Honda Sensing package consists of intelligent adaptive cruise control and a snelheidsassistent, three systems within the correct lane to continue, verkeersbordherkenning, a warning system for forward collision and a noodremsysteem. Other veiligheidssnufjes on the CR-V include blind spot assist, multi-angle rear-view camera, and Vehicle Stability Assist with traction control.

Moreover, the bodyframe of the car, also for protection in case of an accident. The energy of the collision are better spread over the entire structure, which is less than 25 percent stiffer than the previous CR-V. this Honda by, completely against the tradition, first the inner frame and the outer frame and the connections to put together. This has also contributed to the chassis lighter in weight.

From the entry level good with

In the Netherlands, is the Honda CR-V can be ordered in four versions, of which the entry-level Comfort – from 39.900 euros – quite-endowed. Include alloy wheels, a light sensor for the headlights automatically on and off, and a power heated mirror is standard, as are heated seats in front and electric lendensteunverstelling for the driver. Hill-Start Assist, Trailer Stability Assist, automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth hands-free calling and a 5-inch audio screen with digital radio DAB, it’s all on the instapuitvoering.

The CR-V Elegance is equipped with a rain sensor, parking sensors and other technology to lighting and parking easier. From this level is the 7-inch Honda Connect touchscreen display with navigation and smartphone integration standard. Leather, that the Elegance is already on the steering wheel and the (manual) shift knob is applied, from the Lifestyle-level of standard equipment on the entire interior. Also for comfort features as roof rails, active cornering lights and Smart Entry & Start you need to the Lifestyle, as well as for the zevenzitsuitvoering by the way. The top-level Executive comes with electric operated panoramic roof, Head-Up Display and an electrically adjustable driver’s seat with memory.

Buy or lease

In the price table you will find all prices of the currently available versions. The prices of other models will follow later. As said before, start the prices at sale at just under 40 mille. With effect from december are two versions available also available with private lease. The 1.5 Lifestyle with CVT and AWD is for 15 euro extra (from 780 euros per month) also if zevenzitsversie private lease. The quality Mark Private Lease is applicable.

Prices CR-V 1.5 VTEC Turbo
Ability Transmission Drive Equipment Starting price Private lease from*
173 hp 6-hand front wheel Comfort 39.900 euro
173 hp 6-hand front wheel Elegance 42.840 euro 645 euro/month
173 hp 6-hand AWD Elegance 46.680 euro
173 hp 6-hand AWD Lifestyle 50.160 euro
173 hp 6-hand AWD Executive 53.750 euro
193 hp CVT AWD Elegance 52.030 euros
193 hp CVT AWD Lifestyle 55.510 euro 765 euros/month
193 hp CVT AWD Executive 59.100 euro

* leaseprijzen 2018 on the basis of 10,000 km/year and a 60 months term

Additional information

Worldwide, the Honda CR-V one of the best selling SUV’s and that will not change now that the new generation for more target groups is interesting. Not only do people with the SUV’s fashion want to take part, but also those who need more space, they that of dynamic drive and hold, or just environmentally conscious to purchase a car can now all at Honda, rightly, for one and the same model. Want to read more about this cross-over know than we have listed more articles and photo essays. Soon, we supplement this list with our driving test of the SUV.

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