So do you get the Google Home Hub (and other Google products) to the Netherlands


Zo haal je de Google Home Hub (en andere Google-producten) naar Nederland

There are more and more Made by Google devices, but unfortunately they are often to our nose over. Android Planet explains how you have access to a Google Home Hub, Pixel Position or Pixel Slate.

Google Home Hub buy: so do you get Google products to the Netherlands

Google brings more and more products from your smart home complete, but they are almost never (directly) in the Netherlands. Who first wants to work with the Home Hub, Pixel Position or Pixel Slate must therefore make a detour.

Google Pixel 3 (XL): easy to get

Google announced last October multiple products. In addition to the Dutch release of the Google Home were also on the Google Home Hub, Pixel 3 (XL), Pixel Position and Pixel Slate announced. None of these devices is in the Netherlands, so you’ll have to import.

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is available via the Dutch Belsimpel at an additional cost. You’re low on cash and you live near the German border? Then the choice is quickly made. The new Google phone is sold by multiple stores in Germany, including Saturn and MediaMarkt.

→ Buy the Google Pixel 3 at Belsimpel
→ Buy the Google Pixel 3 XL at Belsimpel

Google Pixel 3 kopen

Google Home Hub, Pixel Slate or Pixel Mode import

The Google Home Hub, wireless Pixel Stand-charger and Pixel Slate laptop are not in Germany be sold, but, for example, in Great Britain. These products are from the local Google Store to order through a doorstuurbedrijf. They are just for you delivered at home.

You have a Uk address need to Google the products to send. Services like Forward2Me to sell such addresses, and send the package after receipt to you in the Netherlands. This is how it works:

  1. Make sure that you get a Uk shipping address have by Forward2Me (or an alternative) to visit and follow the prompts;
  2. Go to the Uk Google Store;
  3. Choose which product you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping basket;
  4. Enter during checkout your Uk shipping address, or that of a well-known;
  5. After the completion of the order to stay by the doorstuurbedrijf informed of the shipment status.

As soon as the company of the Google package has been received, you will receive an e-mail containing a code with which you can track the package. At most parties, you can choose which postal service (such as DHL) you send, and how long it may last.

Google Home Hub preview

The most doorstuurbedrijven count about 20 to 50 euros for their services. This is in addition to the input costs of 20 percent of the list price. In the case of a Google Home Hub, with a suggested retail price of 129 Pounds, so in total down to about 50 to 80 euros extra.

Also, keep in mind the additional shipping time: it takes an average of two to three weeks before the Made-by-Google-product delivered to your home. In addition, Pixel Slate and the Home Hub is not available in English. So, you need to be in English against the Google Assistant talk.

Note also that the supplied plug from the Home Hub: a Uk outlet is different than a Dutch. So you have a reisstekker need to use the device here to join. Such a plug will cost about 10 euro.

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eBay: if import fails

Officially you cannot use Google products to the Netherlands import. The company is also strict on the use of ‘forwarding addresses’ and check regularly. It is therefore possible that your order will be cancelled. Do you have an e-mail received? Is eBay the best way to a Home Hub, Pixel Position or Pixel Slate in-house.

This is an international marketplace where vendors from all sorts of countries and sell products. These are usually prepared around the world to send, though you will be here, maybe something extra for have to pay. When searching on eBay, especially on the reputation of the seller.

A good image generally means that you get the original product in good condition to receive. Just like when you import via Great Britain, you should eBay take into account input costs.

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