This are the new Google Home, and Assistant functions of the NOS


Dit zijn de nieuwe Google Home- en Assistent-functies van de NOS

The NIS has two convenient services can be added for the Google Home. It is now possible to set the smart speaker to ask for the wake-up of the NOS, or a brief overview of the news of the day. Read how it works here.

New Google Home NOS-features

google home nos

Since the release of the Dutch Google Assistant is already possible to have the last radionieuwsbulletin to questions from the NOS. There are now two functions: a wake-up around 07:00 in the morning via the Google Home be able to listen to, or at 18:00 an overview with the news of the day. With the latter are three daily extended news stories are selected and read out.

This works as said on the Google Home and Home Mini, which recently officially sold in the Netherlands. You ask the speaker to the assistant of the NOS with the voice command ” Talk to the NOS’. Then you can ask for the wake-up service, or you say ‘Give me the NOS-selection’ to the news of the day to hear. This can also be found on the Google Assistant on your smartphone. Simply press the home button, wait a while until the Assistant appears on screen, and then ask for the NOS.

Google Home (Mini) in Netherlands

Since October 24, 2018 is the slimmers speakers from Google available in the Netherlands, at Coolblue, and MediaMarkt. For the Google Home you pay 149 euros, the smaller Home Mini costs 59 euro. The devices are also in English to use and works basically the same as the Assistant on your Android phone.

Android Planet has the Dutch Assistant on the Google Home extensively tested, but it was still against a lot of teething problems. Meanwhile, Google also, the Home Hub was released, a smart speaker with a screen. Although the Home Hub does not (yet) sold in the Netherlands, you can still import. Keep in mind that there is currently only English to can talk to. Also, Check out our preview of the Google Home Hub.

Videoreview of the Google Home

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